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My Family Vet

My Family Vet

Pets can fill a home with love, joy, and laughter but sometimes can result in some fun crazy messes! Bringing home a new puppy is a big responsibility and life commitment. It’s much like having a newborn! They need lots of love and attention as they grow and mature, just like children! Proper training will aid in the bond between the puppies and their owner. Training allows the animal to learn human communication, animal socialization, and dog life skills! 

Old dogs can learn new tricks too, however it is much easier for them to be trained at a younger age. Training young allows the animal to learn self-control and helps to avoid any potential behavior issues or help settle those anxious pets. Many dogs end up in shelters and rescues due to lack of training. 

Training is just as much for the owner as it is the animal! Owners will learn how best to communicate with your pet and proper handling. This will increase the human animal bond relationship. Properly training your dog can help alleviate stress for everyone! 

There are several different training methods available, ie. Group classes, private lessons and training/boarding facilities. We highly recommend you do your homework and research which option will be best for you and your pet. We encourage you to see what is available in your area or call the clinic with any questions or concerns you may have. Our goal is to always offer ways to bring peace and joy to both you and your pets daily life!

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