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Lake Conroe Sailing Association Spring Racing 2021

Lake Conroe Sailing Association Spring Racing 2021

Lake Conroe Sailing Association Spring Racing

Lake Conroe Sailing Association kicked off this year’s Spring Series weekly Thursday afternoon sailboat race on Mar 25, 21.  Races started at Lake Conroe Lighthouse at 1800 hrs. (6:00 pm) and sail to Ayers Island and back.  The Spring Series will end this month on May 27, 21 with a race and awards to the high point winners. The racing continues with the Summer Series, weekly Thursday afternoon racing continues on June 03, 21.  We have had a good turnout of boats during the Spring Series and hope to have more during the summer.  Fun is being had by all.  If interested in participating in the racing go to our website: Lake Conroe Sailing Association.  Member and non-member boat owners are always invited.  If you are a non-owner of a boat and would like to crew and enjoy the adventure sign up on our website or show up at Pier 4, Seven Coves, Willis, Tx. by 1700 hrs. (5:00 pm).

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