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Applying the “Golden Rule” to Everything They Do!

Applying the “Golden Rule” to Everything They Do!

Montgomery & Conroe Comprehensive Dental Centers are helping patients live better lives and giving back to the community one patient at a time.

According to the research platform DentaVox, in a study conducted worldwide with over  18,000 participants, over 60% of respondents said that they had “dental fear.” Meaning that respondents were scared of the pain associated with going to the dentist, the instruments used, or just being in that dentist’s chair. Many people exhibit nervousness about going to the dentist or receiving treatment for dental pain. 

Dr. Timothy E. Gardner & Associates at Montgomery & Conroe Comprehensive Dental Centers have set out to change this narrative. They have one focus in mind. 

They want patients to receive a one-of-a-kind experience that focuses on the overall health of the patient, as Tracey Tsitso, Marketing Director puts it, “These doctors focus on more than just your teeth.  As head and neck physicians, their emphasis on your overall health guides their patient care. They want you to not only have a beautiful smile but a better overall quality of life.”

Dr. Gardner and the team are about establishing trust first with the patient and then building upon that. Patient care is at the forefront of everything they do. 

Whether that’s upgrading their technology capabilities or offering free care to those in need. Montgomery & Conroe Comprehensive Dental Centers are dedicated to putting patient care above all else, as Joseph Lopez pointed out on Google Reviews:

“Our family moved to Texas in 2007, locating health professionals was paramount to our assimilation. Dr. Timothy E. Gardner and his staff at Conroe Comprehensive Dental Center has provided us with excellent dental care for fifteen years. Dr. Gardner utilizes the newest equipment and employs the latest dental health procedures. For our family; his services have included cavity intervention, fillings, Temporomandibular (TMJ and TMD) correction, dental cleaning, loose Dental Crown reconstruction, New Crown attachments and oral cancer screenings. Dr. Gardner’s staff are among the most personable and caring we have experienced within our healthcare interactions. At 70 years, I’m no stranger to oral procedures and D.D.S. Physicians. Dr. Gardner is one of two dentists I applaud and recommend without hesitation. J.A. Lopez (SDPD Ret.)”

Dental Care When You Need It

Montgomery & Conroe Comprehensive Dental Centers offer a wide range of services and treatments based on your needs, as Tracey pointed out “We offer services from general dentistry to treatment of headaches/migraines, TMJ issues, sleep apnea, placement and restoration of implants, crown and bridge work, veneers, root canals, laser therapy, whitening procedures, full and partial dentures, and even same-day crowns under one roof. Dr. Gardner and team have made it a point to surround themselves with the latest technology including a Cat-scan machine, digital impression system, laser dentistry, digital x-rays, intra-oral camera, IV sedation, and more.”

This level of care is actually quite rare because of how many services they can offer you. Not to mention, the ability to act swiftly during an emergency as they also offer comprehensive care in two locations, they guarantee same-day emergency appointments if you call by noon and new patients are always welcome!

This is the intention of Montgomery & Conroe Comprehensive Dental Centers. Offering amazing services with a one-of-a-kind patient care so you don’t feel afraid to come to the dentist. You feel empowered! 

When you walk into their offices you’ll have access to Dr. Timothy E. Gardner, Dr. Ryan Rodriguez, and Dr. Varun Vashisht.  Dr. Gardner practices in both locations while Dr. Rodriguez sees patients in Conroe and Dr. Vashisht in Montgomery.  Dr. Vashisht and Dr. Rodriguez are in-network with many dental insurance plans.

Each of these dentists comes from a unique and specialized background to serve you the best options when it comes to your health. As Tracey pointed out “Dr. Timothy Gardner is one of only 430 dentists in the world with his Fellowship from the Las Vegas Institute, which emphasizes in the treatment of cosmetics, TMJ, headaches, migraines and sleep apnea issues. Dr. Ryan Rodriguez offers IV sedation at our Conroe office. Dr. Varun Vashisht is a Fellow of the California Implant Institute and enjoys working with children… “You can expect the best when you come to either Montgomery or Conroe Comprehensive Dental Centers.”

Putting Community First

Dental care is a vital part of our overall health, unfortunately not everyone has access to or the funds to receive proper dental care. However, Dr. Gardner & Associates are committed to trying to be part of the solution for this community. As Tracey noted, “Since 2009, we have participated in “Dentistry from the Heart”, which provides free dentistry to underprivileged residents of Montgomery County each Spring in their Conroe office, to which Dr. Gardner and volunteers have donated more than $433,000 worth of free dentistry to date.” 

Additionally, Dr. Gardner’s philanthropy extends beyond the walls of their business, “For the past decade, Dr. Gardner has awarded $1,000 in scholarships each year to a graduating senior of Conroe, Willis, and Montgomery and Lake Creek High Schools.” 

Think that has satisfied the team at Montgomery & Conroe Comprehensive Dental Centers? Think again! Dr. Gardner has also gone above and beyond for veterans, creating “Dentistry for Veterans” in 2011, and to date has donated more than $671,000 worth of free dental care. This year’s event will be held at the Montgomery office on November 13, 2021. More details and sign-up can be found on their website beginning this September at www.drtimgardner.com. 

When you choose Montgomery & Conroe Comprehensive Dental Centers your money is going farther than ever before. You’re helping veterans, students from local high schools, and giving back to the underprivileged residents of the community. For Dr. Gardner and team it’s about “paying it forward with your God given talents” as Dr. Gardner always says.  They apply the “Golden Rule” to everything they do. 

Shaping the next generation of dentistry is important to Dr. Gardner.  Since 2014, Montgomery County Dental Assisting School is an accredited program that offers a 10-week, 80-hour training held on Saturdays for those 18 and older with a high school diploma or GED.  The school is held at our Conroe office and the next session begins September 2021.

Put Your Trust in Montgomery & Conroe Comprehensive Dental Centers

If you would like to find out more information you can contact them online at https://www.drtimgardner.com/. Make sure to ask about their VIP program which includes special benefits and discounts. They are also offering a “Free Sonicare-Toothbrush for New Patients” when you bring in the coupon located in their ad. If you would like to contact a specific facility in your area over the phone or in person you can reach them at:


Call: 936-585-4353

Visit in person: 951 Lone Star Pkwy. Montgomery, TX 77356


Call: 936-539-3636

Visit in person: 2210 N. Frazier, Ste. 120 Conroe, TX 77303

If you are looking for one-of-a-kind dental treatment for your whole family visit

Montgomery & Conroe Comprehensive Dental Centers!


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