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5 Useful Christmas Tree Disposal Ideas

5 Useful Christmas Tree Disposal Ideas

Garden Thyme: 5 Useful Christmas Tree Disposal Ideas

There’s just something extra special about getting a real Christmas tree for the holidays rather than an artificial one. The fragrance, the feel, the personality, the life it brings, and, yes, even the imperfections. However, after the holidays are over, Christmas tree disposal might seem like a chore to some people. But it doesn’t have to be! In fact, there are several useful ways to dispose of your Christmas tree that give you added benefits well after the holidays are over. 

Here are five useful and eco-friendly Christmas tree disposal ideas to help you get the full benefit of your tree, even after it’s served its festive purpose.

1. Firewood

If you and your family got a real Christmas tree this year, make the inevitable Christmas tree disposal fun! Once the holidays are over, your Christmas tree will make excellent firewood. However, most evergreens have a high content of flammable sap which can pose a threat indoors. The best way to use your Christmas tree as firewood is to create a bonfire outdoors. So if you needed an excuse for a bonfire night with your family, here it is! 

There’s no better send-off for your Christmas tree that has been at the center of so many holiday memories throughout the season than to create one last memory together with your family. Cozy up to the fire with some blankets, s’mores, hot chocolate, and the ones you love most.

2. Garden insulation

Christmas tree disposal done right can not only keep you and your family warm (as firewood) but can also keep your garden warm! Winters in Texas are generally milder than in other states. However, it is still possible to have an occasional freeze and generally colder temperatures that can be bad news for your garden. But your expired Christmas tree can help! 

When it’s time to de-holiday your home, cut the branches off of your tree and lay them down on your garden. The branches will act as a blanket to protect your garden from drops in temperature and freezes. Not only that, but the branches will help to create a steadier temperature environment for your plants in general within the cold months to keep them thriving. 

3. Garden mulch

One of the most useful Christmas tree disposal ideas is to use it to create mulch or compost for your garden. You can use both the woodchips and pine needles to make a mulch that will help keep your garden nutrient-rich and moist in the colder months. Pine needles are full of PH-enhancing nutrients. Additionally, they help deter the soil from becoming compacted and dense, keeping the soil breathable.

4. Ash for your garden

If you used your tree for firewood to create a bonfire as previously discussed, an added Christmas tree disposal benefit is that it results in ash that you can use in your garden. Did you know that ash is good for your garden? Wood ash, that is (not to be confused with coal ash). 

Wood ash is full of lime, potassium, and other nutrients that are wonderful for keeping your plants healthy and thriving. Wood ash also helps keep pesky bugs away. After allowing the ashes to fully cool, simply gather them and spread them on your garden. Alternatively, you can mix the ashes into your compost pile. 

5. Fish feeder

Another quick and easy Christmas tree disposal option is to use it to create a natural fish feeder. An old Christmas tree dropped into a lake or pond makes an excellent feeding environment and shelter for fish. The weight of the tree keeps it in place, and over time algae begins to collect on the surface, which is a source of food for the fish. Additionally, the tree itself provides shelter and protection for the fish from predators. 

However, always check first with owners or local officials for permission to drop your Christmas tree into a specific lake or pond.

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