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The 5 Best Places to Buy High Piece Count Truckloads

The 5 Best Places to Buy High Piece Count Truckloads

The 5 Best Places to Buy High Piece Count Truckloads

The places to buy high piece count truckloads can be confusing, especially when you need to find the best quality business source around. The concept behind a liquidation pallet is that the retailer will sell the goods at a reduced price because they cannot sell those goods anymore in the market. Making sure that you find the best seller and the business source who sells the products at discounted prices are half the battle because when it comes to the usage, these goods are considered to be surplus closet merchandise.

So, which are the 5 places to buy high piece count truckloads?

1. Quicklotz. 

They are well known in retail and wholesale of goods and they have been in the business for more than thirty five years. They understand the whole process of sourcing quality products and ship domestically as well as internationally. With customers worldwide, they are known to grow with their customers in the long run. Quicklotz has connections worldwide and ships to more than forty five countries. They also provide the option to check the condition of the goods before purchasing and provide exceptional customer service. They also have reliable customer service and offer liquidated goods from well known and large companies.

2. Direct liquidation. 

Direct liquidation is known to auction the goods that are ready for retail. They are a specialized liquidation company that offers goods from Walmart and Target, and even includes overstock, refurbished products and even fresh customer returns. They have a plethora of products that include electronics, beauty products, clothing and so much more, and they deliver domestically and internationally. They also offer the option to proxy bid that allows you to bid at the lowest price in order to secure the items. There are even a three month warranty period for the products both and even shows the current market price of the goods.

3. B stock. 

B stock is known to provide customers with goods from the large retail companies like Amazon, Walmart, Costco and Target, and sell their returned and overstocked products. The buyers have free access to the marketplaces and they also offer tools that will help these customers to manage their orders and calculate the total costs they will incur. B stock sources their goods from the top ten retailer chains in the United States of America, and they customers can choose the source they would prefer. They have tools and the needed software to help the customers track and purchase their products. They also have a reliable customer service.

4. Liquidation.com

This company is a completely electronic liquidation site and they have an auction based system where the bids start from as low as hundred dollars. The potential customers can select products as clothing, appliances and so on and these products are sold as pallets, boxes and truckloads, at the end of the day, it depends on the needs of the customers and specific products even come at a discounted price of up to 90 percent of the market value price. They provide international shipping to more than two hundred countries and even provide an option to pick up the products directly from the warehouse. The customers even have an option to skip the whole process of an auction.

5. Blue Lots. 

Being a B2B platform, Blue lots offer liquidated products at an extremely reasonable price for small businesses and even offer direct sourcing from the largest retailers and wholesale suppliers. They provide the access to overstocked and refurbished goods and apart from Hawaii and Alaska, they deliver products to everyone within the forty eight states in the USA. They allow customers to bid for auctions and the items are a hundred percent original. They also make sure that the products are listed on the basis of their conditions and divisions as well. Blue Lots also has a flat shipping rate for all the auction goods.

These were the five best places to buy high piece count truckloads goods at a reasonable and discounted price, and knowing that you will receive great quality products for the price you have paid. They make sure that customers are treated well and they value the connection and relationship they grow with them. Apart from that, the goods are always sourced from large retail companies.

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