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Generating Peace of Mind

Generating Peace of Mind

Grasten Power Technologies is a leader in the generator industry giving peace of mind and power back to Texans.

Generating Peace of Mind

Hurricanes. Floods. Tornadoes. FREEZES!? 

It’s official. As residents of this amazing (yet unpredictable) state of Texas, we are susceptible to ALL kinds of extreme weather disruptions and disasters. ‘Texas weather’ has become a character of its own, and an inside joke of sorts between Texans everywhere who experience the unique Texas phenomenon that is all four seasons occurring in one week. 

In fact, one thing all Texans can rely on is the unreliability of Texas weather. However, more and more Texans are also becoming increasingly aware of what they cannot rely on: our failing infrastructure. And we are OVER IT!

The Problem.

In modern society, the power grid powers not just some light bulbs, but the way we live our everyday lives. Without reliable power, most of us cannot do our jobs, get from place to place, or even keep our families warm and fed. 

If the yearly threat of hurricanes and regular disruptions from outdated power grids didn’t wake people up to the need of becoming more self-sufficient in this area, the unprecedented Texas winter storm of 2021 was the unfortunate wake-up call we needed. Not only that, but current events are also making people more aware of the possible threat of cyber-attacks that could also affect the power grid.

The Solution?

Backup generators.

The solution to a stressfully unreliable power grid is the peace of mind and reliability of knowing you have backup power for if (and, let’s face it, when) the mainline source of power is disrupted. 

However, not every backup generator is created equal; likewise, not every generator dealership is the same. When reliability and peace of mind is what you seek, you must ensure that you get not only the best generator for your home, but also the most skilled installation, the most dependable service department,
and the most knowledgeable experts, all from a reputable and trustworthy company. 

And if you’re in the Greater Houston area, there is only one generator dealership that has remained the most trusted name in generator sales and service year after year for all these reasons and more: Grasten Power Technologies.

Becoming the Solution

While plenty of ‘fly-by-night’ generator dealerships have popped up after the 2021 winter storm to take advantage of the surge in demand, Joshua Keller had the foresight 14 years ago to see the worsening problem of the failing infrastructure and power grid and the effect it would have on people’s lives – especially the people in his southeast Texas community under yearly threat of hurricane season. 

After over one million people along the Gulf Coast lost power due to Hurricane Rita, it became clear to Keller that backup generators were going to be an increasingly important part of people’s lives in the future. With the foresight of this glaring need, the recognition of excellent product solutions manufactured by trusted brands like Generac, and a passion for providing peace of mind through preparation for Texas families in his community, Grasten Power Technologies was born. 

“With Rita, we saw that there really weren’t enough good, quality installers and good, quality service companies,” said Keller. “You had a lot of bad installations and very few people were taking care of the generators.” He adds, “We wanted to come in and provide five-star service, along with top quality installations.”

Rising to the Top

Because of the importance of what having a reliable backup generator solution means to families, Keller and his team at Grasten have always made it their priority to provide their community with the utmost excellence in products, knowledge, execution, and services since the very beginning. Due to this commitment to excellence, Grasten has become the most trusted generator company in the region and a leading powerhouse in the industry.

Not only has Grasten remained the number one rated generator company in all of Texas based upon Google, Yelp, BBB, and customer ratings, but it is also crowned as one of the top five Generac dealers in the entire country. And that’s out of ove

r 8,000 dealers nationwide!
However, even with Grasten’s exceptional resources and ranking amongst the giants of the industry, they still maintain a small business feel due to their dedication to excellent customer service and personal attention, being the only dealer in Gene
rac’s top five that continues to operate and serve their customers from just one convenient location.

“We have THE best reviews in the generator industry. On every review site, we are five-star rated, with hundreds of reviews,” says Keller. “I can confidently say that we are the best generator installation company in the region.”

Danny S., a satisfied customer leaving one such five-star review on Grasten’s website shares:

“They stand behind their product – the installation was excellent. The product adds [peace] of mind and we have ‘enjoyed’ power outages now for several years.”

Unprecedented Times

Over the years, the backup generator industry has regularly experienced an increase in demand for its products during seasons of extreme weather, like hurricanes. However, during the pandemic, as more people worked from home and realized the need for dependable power in their homes, this demand for backup generators not only increased, but contributed to record-breaking sales industry-wide. And the catastrophe of the 2021 winter storm’s effect on the power grid in Texas created an added unprecedented surge in demand that has put both generator dealerships and manufacturers in uncharted territory. 

In an interview with CNBC¹, Aaron Jagdfeld, the CEO of Generac generators, remarked, “We can’t make [the generators] fast enough, and we’re doing everything we can to supply more product in the market.” The struggle for generator manufacturers to keep up with product demand feeds into further delays down the line related to acquiring a generator for your home. Jagdfeld explained that due to the backlog of manufacturing, local permitting processes, contractors involved, and installation, it can now take at least 20 weeks for residents to get a generator for their homes.

Joshua Keller at Grasten Power Technologies confirms this reported average wait time of about 24-30 weeks for a generator not just at Grasten, but everywhere. However, Grasten’s longevity and experience has made them especially adapted and equipped to be prepared for the volume of requests they are dealing with. 

Prepared for the Challenge

Grasten has a beautiful new 14,000 square-foot facility on HWY 242, complete with a state-of-the-art generator display that you can go see, touch, and hear, as knowledgeable team members show you how the generators work and answer any questions you might have. Not only that, but this new space has allowed them to stock massive amounts of generators ready to be installed. 

Grasten has not only added to their service team to ramp up installations, but also offer a self-site survey option for homeowners to submit their own pictures and information to receive a quote. This cuts down on initial consultation time so more families can get into the system and queued up to get their generator installed sooner. 

Keller cautions that people should do their research before choosing a generator dealership to work with, because not all dealerships are equal. He explains that there is a right way and a wrong way to install a generator, and a lot of these newer companies that have shot up after the freeze last year are not providing quality installation or even have a service department to handle problems that might arise. 

When you’re making the important investment and home improvement of installing a generator, you need it to be done right. Grasten provides the experience of 14 years of excellence in all aspects of your family acquiring and maintaining your generator, including a 24/7 service department available to handle any problem at any time. Now THAT’S peace of mind!

Important Decisions Made Easily With Grasten

Due to the industry-wide wait time, Keller urges customers to act quickly if they want to have a generator ready to go so they can be prepared for the next hurricane season. Installing a generator for your home is an important investment decision. However, with Joshua Keller and his highly skilled team at Grasten Power Technologies, this decision has never been easier. 

Not only do they offer peace of mind with a generator, but peace of mind with your finances, offering generous pricing plan options, with up to 18 months interest-free, or as little as $120/month, making a generator an affordable option for anyone. Not only that, but Joshua Keller is also extending an exciting and generous offer to readers of Dock Line Magazine!  If you purchase a qualifying Generac generator up to 26kw in the month of April, you will get a free seven-year warranty, valued at $799! 

Get Started!

So what are you waiting for? Get the priceless peace of mind you and your family need, and start the process of installing your standby generator with Grasten Power Technologies today!

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