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Garden Thyme: 7 Gardening Gifts for Mom

Garden Thyme: 7 Gardening Gifts for Mom

Garden Thyme: 7 Gardening Gifts for Mom

Gardening gifts for mom are always a good idea whether it’s Mother’s Day, a birthday, Christmas, or any other gift-giving holiday or occasion. Whether she’s always been an avid gardener or new to gardening, any gift that helps her enjoy this hobby that she loves will always be thoughtful and well-received. 

Here are some of our favorite ideas for gardening gifts for mom to help you find the perfect gift!

1. Ceramic plant markers

Coming up with the best gardening gifts for mom can be a challenge if she’s been an avid gardener for years. She likely already has anything she needs to function optimally within her long-time hobby. 

But even if it’s challenging, coming up with a gift for the gardener who seems to have it all can be fun, too! The secret is to find a normally mundane but functional item and upgrade it. 

For example, one item your mom probably uses frequently in her potted houseplants or vegetable garden rows is a plant marker. Anything from a rock to a popsicle stick can (and usually does!) function as a plant marker.

But your mom is a pro and deserves an official dedicated set of plant markers. A gorgeous set of painted ceramic plant markers is one of our favorite gardening gifts for mom to surprise and delight her!

2. Garden kneeler or garden seat

Gardening is an excellent hobby not just for the pleasure of growing things, but also for all of its many health benefits (Including home-grown veggies!). However, it can start to get a little rough on the knees and back with all the kneeling involved, especially as you get older. 

With that in mind, one of the best gardening gifts for mom to show her you care is either a garden kneeler or any of the various deluxe garden seats available on the market. 

Garden kneelers are simple, yet incredibly effective in relieving knee pressure when gardening. Likewise, garden seats provide much-needed relief for both the back and knees, especially when spending a long time in the garden. There are many varieties of garden seats including seats that rock, scoot, roll, hold tools, etc. Find the garden seat that suits your mom’s gardening habits and needs best, and she (and her back!) will thank you!

3. Pretty (and functional!) garden gloves

Another one of the best gardening gifts for mom that upgrades her everyday gardening is a pretty (and functional!) set of garden gloves. While garden gloves do need to be functional to protect your mom’s hands during such a “hands-on” hobby, they don’t have to be boring! 

If your mom has been gardening for years and you’ve noticed her gloves are looking a little shabby, a new sturdy set of gardening gloves with a pretty floral pattern will be much appreciated! Bonus points if you pair the gloves with a manicure and/or a luxe hand cream for the perfect hand care gift for those hands she uses so much to garden with!

4. Kids’ gardening kit

Okay, kid’s gardening kits are technically for kids, but they can also be sweet gardening gifts for mom, too! If your gardening-loving mom is a grandma, give her one of these kits as a way for her to spend quality time with her grandkids teaching them all about her favorite hobby. Or, if there’s a newer mom in your life who has recently had kids, this would be a special gift as a way for her to pass on her love of gardening to her kids. 

These kits are simple and cute, usually filled with basics like easy-to-grow seeds, a planter and maybe things to decorate it with, simple tools, instructions, etc. They make excellent gardening gifts for moms who love to garden and have little ones in their life.

5. Garden apron

Every gardener needs that go-to apron that allows her to move about her garden with functional ease. If your mom is new to gardening or just hasn’t found a perfect garden apron yet, consider this item as one of the most useful gardening gifts for mom. 

Spend some time looking around online and in gardening catalogs or stores to discover all of the amazing functional and stylish options out there and locate the one that suits your mom and her needs best. Having that perfect apron will take her gardening to a whole new level, and she’ll get to think about you every time she puts it on, too.

6. Fun-shaped plant watering bulb

One of the cutest gardening gifts for mom that adds a little extra flair and personality to her plants and routine is a fun-shaped self-watering bulb (or a few!). Self-watering plant bulbs are handy little gardening accessories that offer a hands-free approach to watering plants so your mom can focus on other gardening tasks. 

As most watering bulbs are blown-glass, they come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. Finding one or a few fun-shaped watering bulbs that fit your mom’s personality will be a delightful gift that will add some charm to her plants and surroundings.

7. When in doubt…FLOWERS!

When in doubt, one of the most foolproof gardening gifts for mom is to send her flowers! Even though it’s not technically a gardening gift, any mom who gardens naturally has a love for flowers, and will always appreciate and be delighted with the thoughtful gesture. 

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