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Renovate Your Home, Revitalize Your Life!

Renovate Your Home, Revitalize Your Life!

Montgomery County’s Most Reliable Roofing and Home Design Experts are Here to Help!

Renovate Your Home, Revitalize Your Life!

Working from home has become a much more familiar concept in the last couple of years than ever before. And many of us, for better or worse, have been spending a lot more time inside our homes than we used to. Suddenly, after having stared at them for too long, you might have noticed that you hate the color of your walls and you would feel much better if they were re-painted. Or maybe you’ve realized how shabby your kitchen cabinets have gotten over the years and they definitely need to be updated. Or, perhaps, your home has suffered some damage in the wake of a severe storm (not uncommon in here in Texas).

Either way, it’s definitely time for some home renovations and repairs!

In the valiantly self-sufficient spirit of the DIY movement, maybe you’ve spent hours on YouTube trying to learn how to become a master craftsman overnight and take on some remodeling yourself. 

But, let’s face it. Sometimes if you want a job done right, don’t do it yourself! Call the experts. And if you’re in the Montgomery County area and need home renovations or repairs of any kind, those experts are Glen Martin and his experienced team at Montgomery County Home and Commercial Services & Design.

But with thousands of contractors in the Houston area to choose from for your next home remodeling project, why choose MCHS&D?

We’re glad you asked.

Experience and Expertise

Glen Martin is a 25-year resident of the Montgomery County area and an expert in all facets of home repair and renovation. 

After an upbringing surrounded by construction as a family trade, Glen followed his passion for construction and began Montgomery County Home Services and Commercial Services & Design over 22 years ago. He has assembled a team of skilled craftsmen with expertise in remodels, carpentry, painting, roofing, electrical work, concrete, plumbing, and more, as a one-stop-shop for any and all work that needs to be done for your home.

With over two decades in the business, you can trust Glen and his capable team at MCHS&D to do it all, because they have done it all. No project is too big or too small, from a leaky sink faucet to a complete overhaul of the entire kitchen. 

“We handle just about every type of residential repair or upgrade project imaginable,” says Glen. “If you have an issue or a problem around the house, there’s a good chance we can fix it quickly and efficiently. And if I can’t fix it, it’s a safe bet I know someone who can.”

Accountable and Reliable

The advantage of working with MCHS&D is that it is a smaller company with expertise in every facet of home repair and renovation. Many larger contracting companies begin to lose accountability with their size; however, trying to research and hire separate tradesmen becomes inefficient and causes other problems. Being a smaller company that can do it all helps them remain hands-on and reliable in any phase of every home project. Indeed, it is Glen Martin, the owner himself, that you will be in contact with and is present at every job site. You’re not going to be lost in the shuffle waiting on a project to be completed in six months.

“When you’re working with separate sub-contractors, things can get messy,” says Glen.

“Contractors will blame each other for delays or cost overruns. With us, you only have to deal with one person − me. I am the one who you deal with and oversees all jobs. I’m the one who will make it right.”

Glen advises that when choosing the right contractor for your project, that you make sure to thoroughly check references and referrals, and ask to see pictures of work and completed jobs. He explains that they get many calls from potential clients asking them to finish a project that was previously started by another contractor. This is usually because some contractors avoid including certain details in their estimates in an attempt to offer the cheapest price upfront in their bid, causing a project to go south due to insufficient cash flow from unexpected costs later on. Glen brings this point home by saying:

“To minimize the chance of your remodel going south [with an untrustworthy contracting company], choose a contractor that has something to lose, namely, his reputation. We are good at what we do, and we do what we say we’re going to do, when we say we are going to do it.”

Relationships and Referrals

Glen and his team at MCHS&D have spent their two decades in this business developing trust in relationships with all of their clients in the greater Montgomery County area. Indeed, most of their business comes from repeat clients and client referrals. 

This is evident from the numerous lengthy and ravingly positive reviews left on their website and other platforms. One particularly gushing review on the website from Debra in Walden really says it all:

“Friends and Neighbors – I cannot let another day go by without sending the highest of recommendations for MCHS&D! …Our home flooded and we just didn’t know where to turn…I called Glen Martin after seeing a posting on NextDoor…Literally, within about 18 hours of my first contact, Glen had his crew in our home tearing out sheetrock and doing all that work that needed to get started so quickly…On their website, you will see that ‘they build relationships!’  Man, is that ever true! …We started this process feeling incredibly overwhelmed, but with Glen’s incredible assistance and patience, we hope to have our home ready to “move back in” within 3 weeks or so!  The website also says, ‘You can trust us!’  All I can say is that no truer statement has ever been made!  (Finally, I absolutely LOVE that we’re working with only one company – start to finish!  This certainly has made things so much easier than they would have been otherwise!)”

Affordable and Approachable

Another practical advantage of working with MCHS&D is that because Glen lives and works in the Lake Conroe area, and has his own crew of experts, he can afford to offer better pricing for top-quality work on all ranges of projects, large and small.

The experts at MCHS&D are insured and experienced for just about every aspect of home repair and maintenance from the ground up – from concrete to roofing and everything in between. It’s one reason the company is popular with realtors in the area. Glen knows how to get the job done right − the first time − at a reasonable cost to clients.

So what are you waiting for? Give Glen and the team at Montgomery County Home Services & Design a call for a free estimate on your next home renovation and repair project today!

Montgomery County Home Services & Design serves the greater Montgomery County area Monday through Sunday at any time of the day, always ready to help. They can be 

reached at 936-444-6952 or by email at [email protected].




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