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6 Straightforward Small Business Ideas for Teens

6 Straightforward Small Business Ideas for Teens

6 Straightforward Small Business Ideas for Teens

Small business ideas for teens are becoming increasingly popular. With the expansion of online opportunities in addition to more classic endeavors, there are more options than ever before for entrepreneurial teens looking to add to their wallets and resumes after school hours. 

There are many reasons why starting a small business might be a good idea for your teen. Starting a small business as a teen can teach them the value of money and how to earn and manage it, they can learn time management skills, earn money for extra spending and college, learn a marketable skill, jumpstart their resume and portfolio for future work or college applications, gain a new hobby or realize a new interest, and so much more!

Ingvar Kamprad (IKEA’s Swedish creator), Billionaire Mark Cuban, Richard Branson, and Warren Buffett all kickstarted their entrepreneurial careers by starting small businesses and selling various goods in their teens. With the mounting success all of these individuals have managed to achieve, perhaps some of their success can be attributed to learning the basics of business and the value of a work ethic that drives one towards a goal early in their teen years. 

Maybe your teen was born with this entrepreneurial drive, or maybe they are interested in working to gain this quality due to the many benefits of the experience of business ownership at a young age. Either way, they will need a good or service to offer to be able to start. Here are six of the most straightforward small business ideas for teens that require little-to-no startup capital and can get them started earning money and experience early on. 

1. Babysitting

No list of small business ideas for teens would be complete without the most classic job for teens: babysitting. No matter which decade you were born into, every parent in every generation will at some point be in need of a babysitter – some more than others. Being a dependable and capable babysitter is like teenage job security. Therefore, if your teen is good with kids and enjoys looking after them, starting a babysitting business is an excellent way for them to get started earning and learning the basics of business. 

2. Dog walking/Pet sitting

On the flip side, maybe your teen isn’t so great with kids but loves pets. In this case, dog walking and pet sitting are excellent small business ideas for teens who are responsible and enjoy taking care of pets. Not only is dog walking an enjoyable way to make some cash while spending time outdoors in the sunshine with some furry friends, but it is also easily scalable as a business since multiple pups can be walked all at once. 

Pets are like members of the family to most who have them, so having a reliable dog walker and pet sitter is invaluable and word can easily spread throughout a neighborhood if your teen is found to be dependable.

3. Lawn care

Family chore charts usually include unfavorable chores like mowing the lawn and yard work. If you find that your teen seems to take to these duties rather well, you might suggest they start a lawn care business and offer their services to other families in the neighborhood. This is one of the best small business ideas for teens who like to stay active. 

Since most adults find lawn care essential but a chore to do themselves, most hire out those services anyways. Your teen will have an edge by being able to offer certain yard care services at a much lower cost than corporate competitors, and they will find that most people are willing to invest in the endeavors of industrious younger people.

4. Tutor/Skill teacher

Easily one of the most productive small business ideas for teens who excel at subjects like math, science, English, etc., or even in standardized test-taking, is to become a tutor. Not only does tutoring other students keep your teen sharp on specific subjects by teaching them to others, but being a tutor looks great on a college resume. 

Likewise, if your teen excels at a specific skill like music or art, teaching music or art lessons can be an excellent way to perfect their craft, help others, and make some cash.

5. Tech/Social media consulting

In an increasingly technological world, many of those who were not raised with this much technology are being left behind. One of the most useful small businesses for teens who are particularly tech savvy is to use this skill and understanding they’ve learned early on to start a tech or social media consulting business to help others who find it difficult to learn and manage this arena as an adult. 

This is one area where businesses truly appreciate the value of youth, and are willing to learn from younger people (or simply hire them) who understand how to communicate and navigate this digital world. 

6. Freelance writing/Blogging

Starting a blog and/or freelance writing are both very strategic small business ideas for teens who are interested in writing professionally in journalism or other fields as an adult. As businesses begin to realize the necessity of maintaining an online presence, many seek to hire freelance writers to meet their content quotas. Not only does this get your teen started with making money while writing, but each piece can be added to their portfolio, which will be impressive to have when applying for college or writing jobs in the future. 

Alternatively, your teen could write for themselves by starting a blog. While this option takes a while to build up revenue, eventually they can gain affiliate partners for advertising within their blog to begin monetizing. Either way, these options are excellent ways to gain real-world practice and experience for your aspiring writer. 

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