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Feeding Frenzy

Feeding Frenzy

Derek’s Fishing Adventures: Feeding Frenzy

On September 1st it was a super calm night with very little wind.  Sydney and I got to the beach around 8:45 pm. After I put the first line out, I told Sydney that my line felt like I got a bite almost instantly, as soon as the bait was set. About 35 minutes later, the first fish was on. Immediately Sydney and I jumped up, and it was Sydney’s turn to reel one in. This one did not fight nearly as hard as her previous, and only, bull red she caught in April. In a mere 15 minutes, it was landed. We snapped a few pictures, enjoyed the adrenaline that comes with fighting and landing such a behemoth, and let him go. “On to the next,” I said. And just like that, I was back in the water walking to the second sandbar, neck deep with rod in hand. About an hour of laughing, listening to music, and talking, drag is being pulled from the same rod as last time.  This must be the lucky rod.  It is the one that lands the most fish.  This time it was my fight. I jumped up, knocking my phone out of my lap and into the sand, as I sprinted to the rod nearly being pulled from the holder. As soon as I picked up the rod, it made several runs ripping line off the reel and squealing. Fifteen minutes later a 45” bull red was on the beach with us! Rinse and repeat. The rest of the night consisted of losing some, having the line broken off by a presumed shark, and LOTS of mosquitoes. Talk about success!

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