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What’s your Halloween Decorating style?

What’s your Halloween Decorating style?

Halloween is just around the corner! Do you have your decorations up yet? Home decor and decorating for trick-or-treaters can be just as fun as it can be overwhelming. Are you wanting to switch up your style from last year, or just want to find that right fit when it comes to your holiday style? Take your home to the next level this spooky season with our Decorating Style Quiz!

What’s your Halloween Decorating style?

Take our Quiz and find out!

Favorite Movie:

A. The Nightmare Before Christmas

B. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

C. Hocus Pocus

D. Halloween

Favorite Candy:

A. Reese’s Cups

B. Starburst

C. Candy Corn

D. Licorice

Favorite Activity Out:

A. Attend a Halloween party

B. Trick-or-Treat

C. Pumpkin Patch

D. Haunted House

Favorite Activity at Home:

A. Watch Movies

B. DIY Decorations

C. Bake Spooky treats

D. Carve a Jack-o-Lantern

Halloween Costume:

A. Ghost

B. Black Cat

C. Witch

D. Vampire

Favorite Pie:

A. Apple Pie

B. Chocolate Pie

C. Pumpkin Pie

D. Pecan Pie

Mostly A: Character Halloween

You love that child-like Halloween of hollywood! Movies, candy, decorations, the fun side of the season is what you rule. Grab some hanging shelves and display all of your favorite memorabilia. Hang some colored lights and make some cute cookies for the season. Invite some friends over for a spooky movie night before dressing up as your favorite character. Have as much fun with the season as you can!

Mostly B: Creepy Cute

You are chique and love the crafty side of the season! Pastel pumpkins, banners, and bats rule your home during this season. Don’t be afraid to experiment with fun color combinations and DIY decorations to fill your home and make it feel just right for the season. 

Mostly C: Farmhouse Halloween

Black, white, and orange are your go to’s not just for decorating but for fashion too! Once it gets chilly, the chunky sweaters make an appearance. You aren’t afraid to lean into some of those seasonal “cliches” and love everything pumpkin. So own it! There’s nothing wrong with the classic and clean style that comes with a Farmhouse Halloween.

Mostly D: Spooky

You live for the creepy and classic side of the season! Graveyards, ghouls, and ghosts populate your spooky season. When decorating, hang some fake cobwebs and cheesecloth. Switch out those Jack-o-Lanterns for Skulls and Candles. Experiment with treats that will have your guests guessing till that first bite. Don’t be afraid to lean into the creepy!


Whether you like to go the classy route, or elicit screams from the street as people pass your creepy home, don’t let the fall season pass without celebrating! Take a break from the business and give an opportunity to let your creativity shine! You might just be an inspiration for your neighbors, or discover an interior decorating talent you never knew existed. 

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