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Kitchen Tune-Up: Transform Your Kitchen Without the Hassle

Kitchen Tune-Up: Transform Your Kitchen Without the Hassle

Kitchen Tune-Up: Transform Your Kitchen Without the Hassle

Why Throw it out When You can Tune it up?

Are you tired of looking at those outdated kitchen cabinets that don’t match the rest of your home? Maybe you’d like to update your kitchen, but you don’t want to spend the time and money on a full kitchen remodel. With busy work schedules and kids, it’s hard to think about tearing out everything and replacing it.


What if you could make your kitchen look brand new without breaking the bank, or starting from scratch? This is exactly what David Haglund was pondering in the 1980’s as his car was getting tuned up at the shop. He had just started his new cabinet business when the recession hit, causing his business to take a downturn. David pondered the idea of simply updating the existing parts of a kitchen when he thought, “Why can’t you Tune-Up a kitchen?” 

Thus Kitchen Tune-Up was born in 1988, and for 35 years, the company has offered remodeling services that can be scaled up or down based on the customer’s budget and needs. 

Jeff and Mary Fillmore joined the Kitchen Tune-Up franchise and started their business in Bryan-College Station. After several years of success, the couple incorporated the Lake Conroe area, where they enjoy being a part of the growing community. The Fillmores make many friends through their remodeling business, and Mary says she loves getting to know each and every client. ““We take the time to know people and understand what they need,” Mary says. “We even have clients that invite us over for lunch!”

Trust the Kitchen Experts

Whether you’re looking for an entire kitchen remodel or just a few updates, the experts at Kitchen Tune-Up will guide you through what is best for your kitchen. With their team of carpenters, painters, countertop specialists, tile setters, electricians, and plumbers—you can expect a fast and excellent kitchen remodel. The company has a variety of partners to work with, expanding their services from a basic Tune-Up to a remodel.

Mary says that before you start remodeling your kitchen, you should think about these things: 

• What do you want out of your home? 

• How many years do you estimate being in this home?

• Is this your forever home?

After answering these questions, you’ll have an idea of how big or small your kitchen update will need to be. The Kitchen Tune-Up philosophy is to use what you have rather than start over—making things less expensive and messy with the same desired results. “If you’re just selling the home and want to update it, a quick tune up will work,” says Mary. “We’d rather use what’s good than put it in a landfill somewhere.” 


90% of what you see in the kitchen is the door of the cabinet, and over the years, your doors and drawers will tell the age of your kitchen as they wear out. However, you don’t always need to replace them to make your kitchen look new. Kitchen Tune-Up uses a few unique approaches to updating kitchen cabinets:

• Original Tune-Up

• Cabinet Painting

• Cabinet Refacing

• Cabinet Redooring

If your cabinets are still in great condition and you want a new look, there are several services that the Kitchen Tune-Up provides. The Original Tune-Up is a fast and basic service that includes restoring your wood cabinets to nearly new conditions without changing the color of your kitchen. 

Beyond that, Kitchen Tune-Up will paint, reface or redoor your existing cabinets. Leaving the boxes in place, the team can replace the doors and drawer fronts with a new style and color. “If you’re going to be in your home more than 5 years, I always say a redooring process is a good investment,” Mary explains. “Since the doors are factory finished, it has longevity to it.”

If you’re ready for brand new cabinets, Kitchen Tune-Up has a wide collection of styles and colors to choose from. As a national company with operations throughout the country, Kitchen Tune-Up is able to find affordable prices from the top manufacturers. 

Fast, Efficient, Excellent

In addition to cabinetry, Kitchen Tune-Up can take on a number of other kitchen projects. Whether its new countertops, backsplashes, or even tearing out walls and creating open concepts—the team of highly skilled craftsmen will make your dream a reality. The company also works with contractors who they have long standing relationships with. If you want something done to your kitchen that Kitchen Tune Up doesn’t do in house, the company has connections with trusted contractors and partners in several trades.

The Kitchen Tune-Up team will combine several of their services to make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for. Maybe you want fresh paint but you also want to add a section of cabinets or storage? Or maybe your kitchen doesn’t quite function and flow properly for your way of life? Kitchen Tune-Up will take time to figure out what works best in your kitchen and make it happen quickly and excellently.

One thing that keeps people from updating their kitchens is the possibility of not having access to it for a long period of time. Kitchen Tune Up makes it their goal to work in your kitchen efficiently so you won’t be locked out for weeks. With strategic planning utilizing their proven methods, the company’s services are quick, so your everyday life won’t come to a halt. With many of their services, you could have a brand new kitchen in as few as 1-5 days.

Tune-Up for the Holidays

For over 35 years, Kitchen Tune Up has made America’s kitchen dreams come true for a low cost and quick turnaround time. With franchises all over the country, the company has the buying power and experience of a large chain. If you’ll be hosting family for the holidays, now is the perfect time to make some minor adjustments to your kitchen. The Tune-Up is available for projects throughout the holiday season so your kitchen looks brand new in time for guests. 

Chat with the experts at Kitchen Tune Up and get a free consultation so you can learn what can be done with your needs and budget. 

Find them online at kitchentuneup.com/montgomery-collegestation-tx/ 

Give them a call at 936-427-3515

Or email [email protected]

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