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Derek’s Fishing Adventures: The Last Ride

Derek’s Fishing Adventures: The Last Ride

Derek’s Fishing Adventures: The Last Ride

I graduated from Texas A&M a few weeks ago and went home for Christmas.  As you all know that in my spare time I like to get together with my friends and do a little fishing.  It was the day after Christmas and I asked Taylor if he wanted to go to the lake for the day.  

We arrived at the lake about 8 a.m. and there was no wind and it was a sunny day.  

Taylor and I started fishing offshore at the first spot, using an Alabama rig and a 7” swim bait. We were sight fishing with the Lowrance active target forward facing sonar.  In that location we caught about 8 fish, which were in the range of 3-6 pounders.  They quit biting so we moved on and checked out other places but didn’t see any fish.

We pulled up to the second spot and saw 100 or more fish down below.  We immediately started catching fish.  We caught 5-6 on an Alabama rig, one on a hair jig, one on a 10 XD and a couple on a big swim bait. After the first 20 minutes they shut down and we could not get them to bite.  Left that spot and checked out more places and nothing.  As the day went on the boat became harder and harder to start.  The battery seemed to be getting low.

The last place we decided to fish was on a hump.  The fish were suspended.  We caught about 10 fish in about 45 minutes using an Alabama rig by utilizing the forward facing sonar.  The battery was getting low, so this time we powered it off and then cranked the boat and went in.  We had a great day of fishing and were able to fool some fish into getting in the boat with us.  Then we released them back into the lake.

It was about 4 p.m. when we left the lake.  We had a great day fishing and we were on our way home.  We were in Brenham driving on Highway 105 going towards Navasota, we were about an hour away from the house.  There was a truck in front of me and it slowed down.  He decided to turn left into an RV Park, without turning his blinker on.  I was going slow, since I was behind him.  As I was going down the road a truck was coming from the other direction moving over into my lane.  He was trying to avoid t-boning the truck that was turning into the RV Park.  Just in a matter of seconds the truck crossed the line, he was coming head on to me. I immediately swerved to the right off the road.  Thank goodness I was paying close attention.  He missed my truck but still ran into the back wheels of the trailer.  The impact broke the trailer off my truck.  The straps broke and my boat went flying off the trailer and landed on the side of the highway upside down.  We were so blessed that we were not hurt and the other people were also ok.  It only took a few seconds and it did a lot of damage, the trailer and the boat were totaled. What started as a great day with my friend turned into a tragic event, but we were blessed with our lives. That is what matters the most.

We remained calm and talked to the officers and were thankful that no one was hurt.  My parents came out to be sure everyone was ok.  It was a terrible accident but we are very blessed everyone walked away.  THROW IT OUT, POP IT IN, FISH ON!!!

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