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Divisions of SJRA: General & Administrative

Divisions of SJRA: General & Administrative

Divisions of SJRA: General & Administrative

The San Jacinto River Authority (SJRA) has five operational divisions. These five divisions are General & Administrative Division (G&A), Lake Conroe Division, Groundwater Reduction Plan Division (GRP), Woodlands Division, and Highlands Division. SJRA’s G&A Division is located at the main building of SJRA’s campus on Lake Conroe. This is where SJRA Board of Director meetings are held monthly. The G&A Division is where SJRA’s Senior Management team works, as well as several other departments. These departments include Accounting, Procurement, Administrative Services, Information Technology, Risk Management, Human Resources, and Public Communications. These departments do a lot of the behind-the-scenes functions to keep SJRA running. Some of the G&A departments are more visible to the public, such as Administrative Services and Public Communications. If you ever visit SJRA or attend a monthly Board Meeting, you are guaranteed to meet someone from our Administrative Services team. Administrative Services mans the reception desk, as well as sets up the Board Meetings. The Public Communications department often attends events outside of SJRA and posts to social media platforms. However, several of the departments are more focused on internal matters, making sure everything at SJRA stays up and running. Stay tuned for introductions into our other divisions to see how all the divisions of SJRA work for your water!

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