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GPTBoss: Become a CEO Overnight Using AI

GPTBoss: Become a CEO Overnight Using AI

This article about GPTBoss continues from our previous piece Harnessing the Power of Artificial Intelligence, where we will further explore the topic of utilizing AI to improve businesses. 


GPTBoss: Become a CEO Overnight Using AI

At The Dock Line, we’re always looking for ways to improve our marketing game. In our exploration of all things artificial intelligence (AI), we’ve discovered an amazing tool called GPTBoss, created by Mackenzie Bowes. This product is a play off of the recent AI chatbot called ChatGPT. To learn more about AI and ChatGPT, refer to our previous article: Harnessing the Power of Artificial Intelligence.

We decided to reach out to Mackenzie ourselves and learn more about his product. We had the opportunity to chat with him about how GPTBoss is changing the game for business owners, marketers, real estate agents and more! Here’s a look at what we discovered.


The evolution of AI

Mackenzie Bowes is a web developer from Canada who’s been in the tech world for about a decade. His experience ranges from modifying video games since age 6, to 9 years of website development. Mackenzie says he grew up watching the evolution of computers—from desktop cubes to tablets. Compared to those of us who were born into the iPhone and Tablet world, Mackenzie believes watching technology evolve gave him an upper hand with problem solving skills.

Throughout his education and experience, Mackenzie began studying AI before most people knew about it. Knowing artificial intelligence would become very important in the future, he kept a close eye on the development of new AI technologies. Now, Mackenzie is seeing AI technology touch most if not all the software the world uses. As technology improves, AI is getting smarter, and Mackenzie predicts it will be unavoidable in all human endeavors. 

“Everybody uses AI the same way they use software—in one way or another,” Mackenzie says. “Now we have an intelligent AI that actually understands what you’re looking for, that you could talk to like a human being.”


Making ChatGPT personal

With the creation of ChatGPT, Mackenzie watched AI come to life as a human-like, conversational, all-knowing chatbot. As a user of ChatGPT, Mackenzie began wondering how he could use it more in his everyday life. He started studying and reading through the OpenAI documents for clues on extending its capabilities. 

“I realized that ChatGPT was this faceless generator that people couldn’t quite relate to, especially for those who aren’t proficient with computers.” 

Suddenly, Mackenzie had a history-altering idea that would transcend the limits of Siri and Alexa. 

He decided to give GPT identities or personas, which he eventually called “agents.” These agents would have names, faces and skills. Users would actually be able to interact with these agents as if they were human beings. That’s right—your very own J.A.R.V.I.S.—but better!

Through machine learning, Mackenzie trained these agents to have personalities, but more than that—he trained them to be proficient in certain skills like real estate, marketing management, business coaching and more. These agents are professional experts in their trades, created so that users can learn from them and receive guidance in their everyday work lives. 

Mackenzie saw the value that a trained agent would bring to businesses, and especially people who want to start a business.

“Instead of getting a book from the library, reading for 6 hours and then trying to remember what you read—you could simply ask someone a question.” Mackenzie explains.


Be your own boss

Thus, Mackenzie created GPTBoss, “A Whole Company In Your Pocket.” These agents are equipped with vital business and marketing skills useful to any company and any business professional. With GPTBoss, you’ll get a team of 12 employees that would cost an average salary of $100k, saving you about $1.2 million per year. 

It’s as if you just hired a whole team of highly skilled professionals that don’t require any training and won’t complain about working overtime. When you sign up for an account, you’ll get 25,000 free tokens and a team of the following people:

  • Lead Generation Specialists
  • Sales Coaches
  • Therapists
  • SEO Specialist
  • Marketing Manager
  • Copywriter
  • Accountants
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Business Coach
  • Product Managers
  • React Developer
  • Social Media Expert

Each of these agents have first and last names, faces and outfits that seem to go right along with their profession. They even have preferences on communication. For example, Evan Jordan, Marketing Manager, prefers to talk about high-level strategy. When prompted, he will always respond with strategies. 

However, these agents won’t do your work for you. Their purpose is to give you advice and recommendations for how to complete a task. It’s like speaking with your own expert who is available 24/7. 

Yet there is a level of thought that is required to go into every conversation in order for the user to get what they want. While they exist to make your job easier, they need context for what you’re working on, and what kind of answers you’re looking for. In addition, they are trained to respond like humans, not robots. That means the more friendly you are, the more information you’ll get out of them.

“Conversations between enemies or people that don’t respect each other tend to be short,” Mackenzie says. “So by being polite and personable with the chat agents, you tend to get better and longer responses with more productive information.” 

These agents will advise you on things like creating a quarterly marketing plan, a competitive analysis, audience personas, business plans, product ideas and more. They will give you a high-level overview of how to tackle each project and what the best practices are. While they won’t actually do the work for you, there is another part of GPTBoss that will! 



Let’s say you need to get some content written for emails, blogs, tweets, product descriptions—even a whole book! GPTBoss comes with 27 different generators that will create content for you. While the agents will advise you on how to think through a project, the generators will actually do all the grunt work. With the right prompting, you’ll save hours of time. Here is a list of the kind of generators available: 

  • Code writers
  • Marketing Analysis Generator
  • Content Writer
  • Content Spinners
  • Email Writer
  • Content Calendar Generator
  • Growth Plan Generator
  • Customer Avatar Generator 
  • Tweet Writer
  • Product Stack Writer
  • Product Idea Generator
  • Product Description Writer
  • Expander
  • Editor
  • Compressor
  • Resume Writer


How to use GPTBoss Generators

Get your content written faster and more efficiently with a Content Writer, Email Writer, Editor and more. Or maybe you need to take something technical and make it easier for audiences to understand? The Content Spinner is a useful tool that can take your jargon and simplify it, even to a 5th grade level. 

“Making content easier to understand is proven to increase conversion rates.” Mackenzie says, “The user is spending less cognitive power trying to understand what you’re offering, and instead will see a solution to their problem.” 

More than content creation, GPTBoss helps you determine what kind of audience you should be reaching and how to reach them. For example, if you sell technology, use the Customer Avatar Generator to create audience personas based on the product that you’re selling. Let’s say the Avatar Generator gave you “Mark: a 45-year-old software engineer who works in the tech industry and wants to stay up to date in the tech world.”

From there, share this persona with the Product Idea Generator, and it will give you several ideas for products you could sell to Mark. Next, consult with the Marketing Manager for marketing ideas to advertise your new products! 


Make AI work for you

Launched on January 9th, 2023—Mackenzie says the creation of GPTBoss received more attention than he anticipated, with over 10,000 sign ups within the first 20 days of existence. Mackenzie believes this is because his product gives people what they want and addresses a huge need. 

“GPTBoss makes people feel like they’re able to run a business, be creative and make money—rather than work super hard for someone else their whole lives.” Mackenzie explains. 

Mackenzie believes that having agents who are available to answer any question with expertise enables the user to feel respected. The support from these agents gives people a sense of purpose, as the agents advise them on how to achieve their goals. Not only that, the generators are the user’s team of employees who get the job done.


Why not just use ChatGPT?

While ChatGPT is still at the center of attention in the AI world, Mackenzie believes his product provides more targeted and efficient results for businesses. Rather than giving you automated information, GPTBoss provides personable agents who will inspire and equip you to reach your potential. 

If you ask the Marketing Manager at GPTBoss to write out a marketing plan for your agency, you’ll get an automated response of “Sure, I’ll email that to you.” Which actually means he’s not going to do it. Evan is only programmed to give advice, not create content. While you could still use ChatGPT to create your marketing plan for you—which is better in the end? 

“I think it’s better that the agent is going to make sure that you understand what it is you’re supposed to do with your project,” Mackenzie says, “You should feel 100% empowered to work on something and have a sense of ownership on your project.” 

Will this put professionals out of business?

Mackenzie predicts that GPTBoss can replace some costs, but ideally the product is built to improve employees—not replace them. This will make business skills more valuable and the demand will increase. 


GPTBoss: improving the future of business

Knowing that GPTBoss is a work in progress, Mackenzie is taking note of customer questions, complaints and roadblocks. While many are flocking to his new product, users seem to be confused on how exactly to interact with the agents and get what they’re looking for. While Mackenzie is still a website developer, he spends his free time correcting bugs and making TikTok videos that explain how to use GPTBoss. 

In response to customer feedback, Mackenzie recently added a new feature to GPTBoss. Under each user’s account information, there is now a Business Profile. Once you have hired your team of agents, you can write out a description they work. This includes company goals, mission, location and other key information. This data is then given to each of the agents, who now know where they work and what they’re job description is. They will now respond to questions according to the context given in the Business Profile. 


Try it for yourself!

Moving forward, Mackenzie wants to educate his users more, so that they can get all that they want out of GPTBoss. He is hoping that as the public becomes more aware of how to use it, he can generate enough money to make this his full-time job. While he’s working on this, we at The Dock Line are enjoying GPTBoss and the free 25,000 tokens that come with a sign up! It’s improving the way we do business, and making our day to day tasks more efficient.

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