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Montgomery ISD Fishing Team: Epic Battle

Montgomery ISD Fishing Team: Epic Battle

Article by Mark Hooker Photos Courtesy of Debbie Pietsch

Montgomery ISD Fishing Team: Epic Battle

The MISD Fishing Team is in the midst of an “Epic Battle,” both externally, as well as internally.  First let us deal with the external battle, which is between your MISD Fishing Team and Tomball Memorial.

By winning the Sam Rayburn event on Saturday, December 2nd, Tomball Memorial broke away from the logjam of four teams tied for second place in the Divsion going into the event.  This first-place finish puts them alone in second place in the Houston Division of the Texas High School Bass Association.  They are trailing the MISD Fishing Team, which is in first due to two first place finishes earlier in the season, as well as a second-place finish at Lake Sam Rayburn.

This is shaping up to be a two-horse race between Tomball Memorial and the MISD Fishing Team, with two dark horses lurking in Anderson-Shiro and Magnolia West.  It should be an “Epic Battle,” for the Divisional Championship, of which the MISD Fishing Team has won 8 Divisional Titles out of 9 years of competition.  Tomball Memorial is looking to mount a serious challenge to this run by the MISD Fishing Team.

As for the event, the weather was cold & wet on the water.  Friday’s practice day was hampered by above average winds and rains, which on Sam Rayburn can make things interesting.  Luckily on Saturday both the wind and the rain subsided a bit, allowing the 174 Teams to move about more freely, in search of their 5 fish limit.  The catch ratio was much greater than the last tournament on Lake Somerville, where catching just a single keeper was exceedingly difficult.  This tournament in comparison was “much more fun, as we caught fish,” stated Emily Morgan and Avery Maturin.

Leading the way for your MISD Anglers was the Team of Tanner Gatewood and Zane Dixon, bringing in a 5 fish limit weighing 11.4 pounds, landing them in 8th place.  Following them very closely and coming in 9th was Maverick Barsh and Case Rutherford with a limit weighing 10.84.  Rounding out the top 3 Teams for MISD was Jacob Riley and Brenner Kirklin with a 5 fish limit weighing 9.90 pounds and putting them squarely in the Top 20 in 18th place.

As many of you that have been following how a program can win an event, the top 3 Teams from each school or program have their weights combined.  For this tournament MISD had 32.14 pounds for their top 3, where Tomball Memorial had 33.02, earning the victory.

Now, let’s get back to the Internal “Epic Battle” mentioned above, and it cannot get any closer.  You see, the Teams of Maverick Barsh and Case Rutherford as well as Tanner Gatewood and Zane Dixon are deadlocked at the top of the Anglers of the Year Race.  Both Teams have accrued 1491 points out of a possible 1500 after the first 3 events of the Season.  It is going to be fun watching these two “Epic Battles,” one for the Divisional Championship of the THSBA Houston Division, as well as the Angler of the Year Race.

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