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SJRA: 2024 Texas Water Awards

SJRA: 2024 Texas Water Awards

2024 Texas Water Awards

In April of this year, several SJRA employees attended the Texas Water Conference. Texas Water is an annual conference hosted by the Water Environment Association of Texas (WEAT) and Texas Section American Water Works Association (AWWA). The conference welcomes water and wastewater professionals from all over the state. SJRA brought home several different awards from the conference, highlighting our employees, infrastructure, and water quality.

SJRA’s GRP Division took home the third-place award for Best Tasting Drinking Water in Texas! Our GRP Operators were recognized for all the hard work they do to make GRP water some of the best water in Texas. Not only does having top quality water require excellent employees, but it requires reliable infrastructure. We are incredibly grateful for our operators’ service to the community by providing some of the best tasting drinking water in Texas!

SJRA’s Public Communications Department was awarded the Watermark Award for the SJRA by the Numbers one-pager. This educational piece was distributed at various events and gives a high-level overview of SJRA using fun graphics. Our Public Communications team is always working to develop new creative strategies of communicating with the public and helping them understand all the services that SJRA provides.

SJRA’s Project Manager 1, Nabeel Khan, won two awards at Texas Water. Nabeel was awarded Texas Section – AWWA Young Professionals Maverick Awards which recognizes an individual member age 35 or younger who exemplifies exceptional qualities in the areas of volunteerism, community involvement, leadership, and outstanding service in the science of water supply, treatment, operations, and quality. Nabeel was also awarded the AWWA Five Under 35 Award which recognizes and honors young professional members of AWWA who have demonstrated outstanding service to their Section or Association through leadership and active participation in AWWA YP programs.

SJRA Utility Enterprise Manager, Chris Meeks, won the WEAT Sidney L. Allison Award. This award recognizes a person (or entity) who has made significant contributions to the engineering, science, and/or operation and maintenance of wastewater collection and pumping stations with the mission to transport wastewater to a treatment plant.

These awards highlight SJRA’s commitment to water quality, water delivery, communicating with the public, and more. We are grateful that so many of our hard-working employees received recognition for all their efforts and accomplishments!


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