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Migraines and Your Nose

Migraines and Your Nose

Migraines and Your Nose

When we hear the term migraine headache, we think of severe pain that often sends a person to bed in a quiet room for an hour or more until it is relieved.  Over the years in my practice I have seen many patients who have been diagnosed with migraine headache syndrome.  The good news is some of them I can help and actually stop their headaches.

Let me give you an example.  Approximately one year ago I saw a 17-year-old girl in my office with her mom.  They actually came in because the young girl had a sore throat.  In talking to both of them I learned that she had been diagnosed with migraine syndrome 3 years previously and had been on multiple medications from neurologists to try to eliminate the headache.  Upon further questioning the girl said her headaches were always in the same area just above her right eyebrow.  This is not normal for a migraine headache as it should be in different parts of the head.

Long story short this young lady had a small but significant area of her upper nasal septum was severely crooked.  Any time she got any type of irritation to the nasal tissues causing swelling the sidewall of the nose would come in contact with the crooked area of the nasal septum. This small contact is very significant and is the equivalent of a pinched nerve.  Pain then radiates up generally to the forehead.

With a minimal surgical procedure to remove the crooked area of the nasal septum and reduce some of the swollen nasal tissues her headaches were gone. I saw her in my office 2 weeks ago and she has had no headaches for over one year.

Migraine headaches are a terrible problem.  But if the headache is only in 1 area especially in the forehead, eyebrow or even in the temple it may be due to the syndrome I am describing which is the equivalent of a pinched nerve inside your nose.

As always, I hope the information I provided is helpful to you or to your family.

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