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Custom Homes: Avoid Mistakes, Make Informed Decisions

Custom Homes: Avoid Mistakes, Make Informed Decisions

Building a Custom Home can be one of the most exciting experiences a person can enjoy. The possibilities are endless and your dream is born.  Finding a desirable piece of land seems like the first logical step. All available land options are reviewed, discussed and you make a choice. You gather ideas, photos and other items you feel are helpful to design your home. You find someone to get all of this information bundled up into a set of construction drawings. You attend a few meetings, work on revisions and a couple of thousand dollars later you finally have the road map to your new custom home. The plans are sent out to builders for pricing. After week or more of anticipation your vision of your new custom home is shattered by the shock of builder prices. Now you are stuck with a lot, you’ve invested countless hours and thousands of dollars with no results. This can be very discouraging.  

Hiring a Design/Builder can help you avoid common mistakes through an informed decision-making process.

What is a Design/Builder?

An experienced Home Designer offers options and ideas. A Knowledgeable Builder provides answers and solutions.

A Design/Builder is a person or company that has both qualifications that can be tasked to provide an end result which includes a set of criteria and a budget. This encourages creativity, superior service and a quicker desired result.

These are a few advantages to hiring a Design/Builder:

  1. Lot evaluation services can be provided before the lot purchase.
  2. Requires less initial investment to determine feasibility of the project.
  3. Receive advice about construction costs before and during the design process.
  4. More options, money saving ideas are offered which equates to better, more efficient designs.
  5. More information can be provided about ownership costs, energy efficiency and water conservation.

Go with a Design/Build company for more accurate information, better decision making, less stress, faster results and you will get more for your money.

Why Rembrandt is the best at Design/Build:

Rembrandt Homes, LLC offers the widest range of industry experiences including lot selection, home design, budgeting, vast hands on skills, broadest construction knowledge and project management of different types. We use all our resources to provide our customers with the most accurate plans, more efficient process, faster results with lower risk and less stress at the best possible price. Customer experience is enhanced by our practical, honest approach and flat price (lump sum) contracts with no hidden costs.

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