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10 Healthy Snacks for kids

10 Healthy Snacks for kids

Healthy snacks for kids don’t have to taste bad. In fact, we think you can make some great tasting snacks for kids that are actually good for them. We’ve come up with a list ranging in options that can fit many different lifestyles. Check out our list for some of the best healthy snacks for kids you can make in your own kitchen!

Peanut Butter and Apples or Celery

Peanut butter is a great healthy snack for kids. You can combine it with multiple fruits and vegetables. If you are looking for healthy snacks for kids that boost energy, try pairing apple slices with peanut butter. This nutritious meal will give you a healthy balance of protein and carbs. If you are looking for something with a little less sugar try celery. These are great lunchtime snacks that give your kids both protein and energy. Just throw in some ice packs to keep your apples or celery fresh! Make sure your child doesn’t have a food allergy to peanuts.


As long as you don’t drown it in some type of topping, popcorn can be a great healthy snack for kids. It’s a perfect source for whole grains and is very filling. It should only be used as a side dish if you are going to put it in your child’s lunch box. Try adding healthier toppings on popcorn like sugar-free caramel. It’s a surprisingly healthy snack for kids that parents and children can both love.

Grilled Cheese

Not all healthy snacks for kids can double as a meal, but grilled cheese sandwiches can. Use wholegrain bread mixed in with the cheese of your choice. You can use this for lunchtime meals or a quick snack. Just make sure you don’t cook with too much butter. Add in some sliced fruits or vegetables to make the meal even more nutritious. Try it out if you are rushed, but want to make healthy snacks for your kids.

Carrot Cookies

What kid doesn’t love cookies? Carrot cookies combine the best part of cookies with healthy living. Take some shredded carrots and use them in your next batch of cookies. Don’t be afraid to be creative with size and shapes. Have your kids help you! Healthy snacks for kids taste better when it’s a family affair.

Vegetable Smoothie 

Kids love cold smoothies. Before you just fill it with fruit, hide some cucumbers or other vegetables in your child’s smoothie. You can also swap processed sugar for a fruit of some kind, which will give your kid natural sugars. There are so many ways to mix and match vegetables with other items. Experiment with all types of fruits and vegetables, it can give you a sense of what types of veggies your child likes. This is one of the healthy snacks for kids that can be taken on the go. Try combining it with a granola bar!

Yogurt mixed with fruits and oats

Want to incorporate more whole grains and natural fruit into your kid’s diet? Yogurt is a great way to add flavor without skimping on protein and carbs. This can be healthy snacks for kids who have trouble eating fruits or need more potassium in their diet. You will also get a healthy dosage of calcium, B vitamins, magnesium, and other nutrients as well. It’s a great source of protein and is known to help the digestive tract. You can also use yogurt in smoothies for food that needs to be on-the-go.

Cucumbers and Ranch

Healthy snacks for kids and be simple and affordable. Just cut up some cucumbers and serve with a plate of ranch. It doesn’t have to be fancy, and it can be made in minutes. Usually, there isn’t too much mess to clean up either. 


Instead of having queso for a dipping sauce, try guacamole. Guacamole is one of the healthy snacks for kids that may take a little time to make. Try not to use much salt, and use other ingredients such as lime juice. You can also use this snack for parties or for large quantities of guests. Even adults can join in! 

Trail Mix

Don’t buy trail mix from the store as most contain large amounts of chocolate and added sugar. Instead, make your own! For school lunches, put trail mixes in Ziploc bags and be prepared for each school day. Use nuts and dried fruits for your trail mix. This is also a good way to fine-tune a trail mix to your child’s diet or limit the intake of sugar. If you plan on baking any trail mix, try using a honey glaze. Healthy snacks for kids come in all shapes and sizes when it comes to trail mix!

Hard-Boiled Eggs

Trying to plan out meals for the school week? Hard-boiled eggs can be made in large batches and cut up for easy eating. Make sure to keep them cold and put an ice pack in the lunch box. Getting your kids involved by having an eggshell peeling contest can help you get them in the kitchen and learn more about cooking!   

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