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6 Ways to Improve Your YouTube Business Account

6 Ways to Improve Your YouTube Business Account

Whether you have any online resolutions this year or want to improve your brand, a YouTube business account can help. YouTube is the second-largest searching platform for finding content. Why not be where the traffic is? Starting a YouTube business account can lead to more customers and help you make more money. It’s a great way to establish trust before even meeting the customer. Let’s take a look at how you can improve your YouTube business account.

Your YouTube business account should act as a funnel

If you are not already implementing this, it’s important that you start. Your YouTube business account is like any other social media. It should funnel potential customers to your business website. You should show off the products and services of your business in each of your videos. Include calls to action that tell the customer where to go to buy a service or product. You can do this in really unique ways though.

As a case study, let’s look at one of my favorite YouTube business accounts Coolers on Sale. Coolers on Sale runs a youtube channel that completes tests and challenges on, you guessed it, coolers. They are a third party website that sells expensive hunting coolers to customers. Did you know their top video has over 2.5 million views? Other videos also range between 50k and over 100k in views. Most of their videos are just showing the toughness and durability of their products. However, customers find them honest. Why? Because they film their tests in an easy to understand manner and show the real-world use of their products. Ask yourself how you can incorporate that into your YouTube business account when coming up with ideas about videos. 

That’s also a lot of viewers seeing your products and trusting you. It’s marketing that establishes trust with the customer. They always have a call to action at the end of the video letting you know how to buy a cooler on sale from their website. Use your YouTube business account to show off your best products and how to use them. Then have calls to action that funnel potential customers to your website. Have content that will establish trust.

Run Ads and Use Affiliate Links

When you set up a new YouTube business account you can select to have ads automatically turned on. You can start to automatically make money off your YouTube videos after a certain amount of views. Even if customers don’t buy your product you can still make money off viewers. As your channel gains traction, however, you will want to include affiliate links for products you may use but don’t own. You may ask, “Why show off another product?” If you use an affiliate link or Amazon affiliate link you make money online from just acting as a referral service. 

For example, let’s say you sell tires and make a video on the difference between new tires and retread tires. In the video, you mention a car jack that you use all the time and is moderately priced. At the end of the video, you can include a call to action to not only buy your tires, but also the jack as well if they plan to DIY the tire. That way even if you don’t get the sale of a tire you still make some money off the affiliate link that you put in the description. Make sure to tell your customers that it is an affiliate link and that it does not raise the price. These are ways to make money with your YouTube business account even without selling your own product.

Keep Content Flowing and include polls often

With any venture into online, whether it be an article or video, consistency is vital to get noticed. This is especially true for small businesses. You should have a routine schedule of uploading videos. Start small and do one video every two weeks or once a month. It also doesn’t have to have high production value. Just make sure to have clear audio and to put light on your subject. Even having a $10 Lav microphone can improve your quality. However, keep that consistency of posting for 6 months or more and you will start to see results. Your videos will also start to get better as you buy better gear and improve your knowledge of making videos.

Once you gain an audience, start testing them for the content they want. You can do this with your subscriber base by introducing polls with options to choose from. Try to have polls on other social media platforms as well. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram can also give you a broader picture of what the market is looking for in video content. Try polling and asking customers every 3 months on the types of content they want to see. Listen carefully to feedback and implement those ideas into your videos.

Clear Branding

Your YouTube business account channel page should clearly display details about your business.  Use your logo as your channel’s profile picture and display a banner with your contact information. This will help customers know who you are and why you are an authority on the subject. In addition, try having a specific person in all of your videos guiding what the viewer is supposed to see. It doesn’t have to be a spokesperson, but rather someone who comes off as knowledgeable and trustworthy. Your viewers will come to expect that person in your videos and can latch onto them as a source of trust. 

Another powerful tool when creating a brand on your YouTube business account is to include testimonials. Testimonials can help potential customers trust you with a purchase. Make it a priority to film some of your most loyal customers and why they use your business. Viewers can do this to buy leaving a comment or hitting the like button.

Interesting descriptions in your videos

Your descriptions on your videos should be:

  • Concise and they should clearly explain the message of your video
  • Include timestamps on different topics within video
  • Include a link to your website and YouTube business account
  • Include any affiliate links

Incorporate all of these measures to not only make a sale but give the viewers a pleasant viewing experience. Add key phrases in both your titles and description, that way YouTube can recommend your video in its algorithm. Use tags and categories to target potential searches or customers. 

Share your videos on social media

Lastly, for your YouTube business account, share your videos on all your social media platforms. You can track how customers are coming to your content and use that data to target more customers. This also helps you gain traction in the YouTube algorithm. You have put all that work into making the video, make sure to share it!

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