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Looking for the best zoo in Texas? We got you covered!

Looking for the best zoo in Texas? We got you covered!

Like everything else, Zoos in Texas are bigger, and that’s just the way we like it. Today we’re going to break down the best zoos to visit in Texas. All of our recommendations are family-friendly and provide learning opportunities in the summer, or any other season for that matter. Don’t wait on buying your ticket as a zoo in Texas can become packed, especially when schools let out for the summer. Without further ado, here are some of the best zoos in Texas.  

Fort Worth Zoo

One of the largest and most decorated zoos in Texas, the Fort Worth zoo is a great destination for you and your family. They have an animal collection of over 500 species and keep some of the most endangered animals in captivity. In fact, they are home to over 60 species of endangered animals. The Fort Worth zoo houses all four types of great apes: gorillas, orangutans, bonobos, and chimpanzees. You and your family can enjoy some of the best exhibits on display at Fort Worth. Try riding the Yellow Rose Train or taking a trip to the Petting Coral! You can also take in lessons about wildlife and nature at the outside amphitheater. You have many attractions to choose from whether you want to see wildlife or ride a carousel. Try an educational outreach program that can teach your kids more about the wildlife surrounding them.

Houston Zoo

Travelers from all around come to see this zoo in Texas. The Houston zoo is home to hundreds of animals. This zoo in Texas has a fantastic area to observe reptiles in natural-like habitats when you visit the Texas wetlands section. If you want to get interactive with the animals, try the petting zoo or feeding a giraffe! There is a water play park and a riding carousel as well. Check out the aquarium while you are at this zoo in Texas. It’s a great way to also see Houston if you are from out of town. Plan a weekend trip because you can stay here all day and still not see all the animals or activities.  Just make sure to pack the right items for a zoo trip!

Dallas Zoo

Not only can you go to this zoo in Texas during the summer, but they also have a wild earth preschool! This program aims to enrich kids with wildlife while also developing social skills and emotional intelligence. It’s also great for families to visit. Adult tickets are $17 and children are $14. You’ll be amazed by the tiger and lions at this zoo in Texas. Their reptile selection is also impressive. This is a great zoo for those looking for a day trip to take the kids to. Try out any of the outreach programs or summer camps with the kids. You will have a blast!

Cameron Park Zoo

Located in Waco, this zoo has a lot to offer. You arrive by seeing Gibbins Island, which is a local favorite, and hear their calls as you enter into the park. You’ll see bald eagles, explore the African savannah, and meet new friends like lemurs. Citizens of Waco love this small park and consider one of the best zoos in Texas for families. Check out the indoor exhibits and the aquarium. This zoo also has a play park for children, boat rides, and so much more!

Ellen Trout Zoo

You’ll find our last zoo in Texas in Lufkin. The Ellen Trout Zoo is smaller than the other zoos mentioned, however, southern charm plays a big factor in families coming back. Despite its small stature, you still have incredible animals to see such as tigers, white rhinos, hippos, tortoises and much more! You can spend the day learning about animals and not deal with overcrowded lines. They also have summer programs so you can get your kids out of the house! 

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