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5 Reasons It’s the Best Time To Foster Pets If You Can Afford It

5 Reasons It’s the Best Time To Foster Pets If You Can Afford It

Before attempting to foster pets we want to make it clear that you don’t need to become a foster parent right away. With the economy in a downturn, we understand that families are struggling and they are your first priority. This article is mainly directed at those who have the recourses to foster pets and can help because foster pets require a lot of work and money. However, if you do fit in this category, you can be instrumental in helping save the lives of pets. If you are on the fence about whether or not you should foster pets here’s how you can make a difference during the Coronavirus outbreak.

More dogs are being dumped than ever before

Because of this pandemic, more and more animals are being left homeless or at shelters. That means shelters are filling up fast, and resources are being drained. When you foster pets you can help free up space for other animals and make it easier for more dogs to get care. Fostering saves lives. Homeless pets are becoming more common and oftentimes could have been prevented. You should foster pets if you are looking to have an impact on your community and can financially support a pet during this time. Most fostering will center around dogs and cats. You can foster a dog by joining a volunteer organization or by getting in contact with your local animal shelter. 

You can save a life

That’s the whole point of foster care. It saves not only the life of the dog you take in, but also others who go to the shelter. When you foster pets, it helps volunteer networks divert resources to finding homes for other dogs, performing surgeries on dogs, and providing pets with food. Fostering shelter animals during the Coronavirus is helping a vulnerable community when they need it the most. You won’t receive a medal, but you may just make a new best friend. 

You will have a partner while you work from home

One of the best benefits of fostering pets is health benefits. Dogs and cats can be a great companion during this lonely crisis, and although you will need to make some adjustments, they can leave a lasting mark. Dogs make you more active and prone to a healthier heart. When you foster pets you get to see improvements in the animal and watch them grow more comfortable with you. You develop a relationship with them and a bond that can be nice to have if you are stuck at home. I do want to stress something though. If you have a family or children you all need to be on board with this decision. Sometimes, foster pets can be damaged and have development issues along with trust issues. This means it can take a while to warm up to your family. Everyone needs to understand that you need to gain the dog’s trust. Children need to be careful when interacting with pets. You need to make sure you are providing a welcoming environment for the pet and not something chaotic.

If I may add some anecdotal evidence. I adopted a dog over a year ago, and although she has warmed up to me and my wife, she will still hide when guests come over. Foster pets can be slow to trust because of abuse and it will take time to establish that trust. Make sure everyone understands this. My dog follows me around everywhere and loves playing with me, but she will also bark or hide from neighbors if they come too close. 

It can prepare you for adoption

Although it doesn’t always happen, some people who foster pets end up adopting them or adopting others. If you are looking to adopt animals in the future, this can be a great opportunity to get to know a pet before adopting them. In addition, because you are a foster parent you get to help pets get adopted and find their forever home. This can be a very rewarding experience and makes all the hardship of fostering worthwhile.

You want to make an immediate impact

Fostering pets is temporary, but the stories these dogs tell can last a lifetime. If you want to help animals live a long and happy life even during this pandemic, now is the time to act. Although applications and wait times vary from shelter to shelter, you can do some real good for those dogs. Not only that, but you will also be helping those shelter workers and volunteers who are on the front lines of saving dogs. Your time, energy, and money will not go to waste. In fact, fostering pets is going to have ripple effects that will benefit other animals for many years to come. 

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