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The Top 5 Personal Finance Books

The Top 5 Personal Finance Books

Looking for some of the best personal finance books you can buy for cheap? We’ve got you covered. We have recommendations that give detailed analysis to your financial situation and books that give out guiding principles. We also want to stress that this should not be the end of your financial literacy. Rather, think of it as the beginning foundation on which to build your future. Take the lessons that work for you and keep adding to them.

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The Total Money Makeover, and as a bonus, Broke Millennial

Everyone knows about Dave Ramsey. He is one of the leading authors of self-help books whenever it comes to money. If you are in the middle-class and looking for a guide to get yourself out of debt, or to get your financial situation in control, or have filed bankruptcy Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover is going to help put you back on track. You will be exposed to the crippling power of debt, and although Dave does get somewhat religious in the book, all of his financial advice is solid. This is the go-to for any who are looking into personal finance books. What Dave’s book may not account for is being a young millennial and having to pay for things like college or student loans.

Broke Millennial is the perfect book for those just starting out who want to accumulate wealth. Importantly, you need to build a solid foundation and these personal finance books will give you the best chance at that. They cover the basics of saving money on how to prepare for your future. You’ll find them on just about any booklist covering finance

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Author Robert Kiyosaki takes readers on a journey on what it’s like to both live rich and to live poor, and how certain choices can make all the difference in the world. Readers will see how Kiyosaki’s world view of money was shaped by two men, his father (who was poor) and the father of his friend (who was rich). When it comes to creative writing and principals that still hold true to this day, Rich Dad Poor Dad has a lot still left to say about making your money work for you and not someone else. If you want to learn more about making your money work for you and how to attain financial freedom without being a millionaire this is the book for you. 

The Intelligent Investor

If you are looking to get into investments or plan for retirement through the stock market this book should become your new Bible. This is one of the personal finance books that is consistently recommended for those who want to get into investing. There is no get-rich-quick scheme to be found in this book, Benjamin Graham is focused on value investing that is not going to go belly up overnight. That means you will be prepared even when there is a downturn in the market. Don’t let this slip through your hands if you want to know the basics of investing and valuing a stock.

Smart Women Finish Rich

This book is about establishing habits that will carry you to financial freedom. You must recognize as a reader how powerful habits are. When it comes to money, habits have serious impacts on building wealth. With over a million copies sold, author David Bach is on a crusade to tell people the good news. Although this book is aimed at helping women, anyone can pick up this book and learn about bettering their financial situation. Smart Women Finish Rich will provide road maps and guides to complete goals, and it is one of those personal finance books that becomes more relevant as time goes on.

The Millionaire Next Door

Ever want to know how a millionaire might live? The answer might surprise you. Authors William D. Danko and Thomas J. Stanley, write about the common traits and living habits of the very wealthy and how they accumulate wealth. Oftentimes many millionaires live below their means and invest heavily in themselves. In fact, most millionaires do not even inherit their wealth, contrary to popular belief. This personal finance book focuses on what a millionaire’s habits are and how lucky you have to be to acquire wealth. In addition, it talks about how to acquire wealth even when you did not come from a wealthy family. It’s not the end-all book on money, but you will gain access to some proven guidelines on building wealth in America.

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