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Akkermansia Muciniphila & Matcha Tea

Akkermansia Muciniphila & Matcha Tea

What is Akkermansia muciniphila?

Akkermansia muciniphila (AM) is one of the microbacteria within our stomach lining, making up about 3-5% of our microflora. It has shown an inverse relationship (when AM is high, the following diseases are less prevalent) to obesity, diabetes, general inflammatory diseases (like psoriasis), high blood pressure, and liver disease. AM is a probiotic, however it is not currently viable to be delivered in a pill form.  It must be “gut grown” by providing the intestines and microflora its vital fuel source, mucin. Mucin is a protective lining of the gut and is vital to the prosperity of AM.

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What is the best promoter of mucin growth? Matcha Tea

Matcha Tea is a finely ground powder from the green tea leaves. It is specially grown in the shade for 3-4 weeks prior to harvest. The tea leaf stems and veins are removed and the remaining leaves are ground into a fine deep green powder that is rich in catechin antioxidants that when digested, promotes growth of our intestinal mucin layers.  A rich mucin layer in the gut will protect the gut lining from “leaky gut” and greatly reduce inflammation. In addition, the mucin layer will fuel the production of AM. The AM produces biproducts of short chain fatty acids that supports a number of mucin producing microflora that helps create a mucin rich and healthy intestinal environment.

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What is the recommended dosage of Matcha Tea?

There are many different makers and grades of Matcha Tea. I cannot recommend a particular manufacturer, however, you want to make sure you are purchasing Ceremonial grade Matcha Tea.  The recommended dosage is 1 teaspoon in 6 ounces of water. Also, the tea may lose its effectiveness if heated, so just use room temperature water and mix thoroughly. The benefits to your health will greatly outweigh the taste of the tea. Bottoms up, to your health!

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