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Looking for the Perfect Vacation this Summer without Leaving Home?

Looking for the Perfect Vacation this Summer without Leaving Home?

Dominion Pool Group Can Turn Your Backyard into a Waterland Paradise!

A backyard pool is more than just a tank filled with water. The right pool can become a place to make memories, share stories, and bond with our friends, family, or neighbors. However, what people often find when shopping for a pool are cookie-cutter designs and budget materials. In fact, oftentimes pool buyers who don’t go to a custom pool designer end up having low-quality equipment installed or constant maintenance issues with their pool. Dominion Pool Group, on the other hand, prides itself on giving families what they want most—a pool and backyard that is custom to their needs and gives them a space to make memories all their own. With Dominion Pool Group, the pool is adapted to fit your lifestyle, and you don’t have to settle for less even if you want a traditional pool.

From Simplistic to Sensational

There is a common saying that Dan Pendley references in regards to their pool design services:  “simplistic to sensational.” Instead of getting only a few cookie-cutter choices, whether it’s pool shape, materials, or extras, Dominion Pool Group specializes in dealing with all types of materials and options for you to choose from. Whether you want a classic design or something entirely new that can fit your needs, whatever you can dream up they can make it a reality. They ensure a family’s dream of owning a backyard oasis is a pleasant experience, unencumbered by the worries of its technical details, design limitations, construction standards, or its expected life span for repair or replacement.

When you visit their 4,000 square foot design center you’ll have “over 400 tile and materials samples to choose from. Here we have numerous flagstone and travertine samples, decking materials, and plaster samples to choose from to truly customize your pool. Unlike others who work around the area, we aren’t working out of our pickup. We are a one-stop-shop that can service all your swimming pool needs” says Dan Pendley

If you’re thinking “custom pool builders aren’t worth the money”, think again. There are some important factors to understand about the pool industry and why you need a custom builder for your pool. The pool industry is much like the homebuilding industry in that there are tract/production home builders, custom/tract home builders, and custom home builders. However, when it comes to pools, many people think all pools are created equal…. a pool is a pool, is a pool.

Except it’s not.

A tract pool, or cookie-cutters as they are called in the pool industry, is cheaper than a custom pool, just like a tract home is cheaper than a custom home. This is not because the custom builder makes more profit, but instead, because they are usually more experienced, use better quality products/materials, employ highly skilled contractors and provides better warranties, communication, and customer service. Most importantly, they design and build a one-of-a-kind home for each client. 

Over 30 Years of Experience and Countless Awards

Dominion Pool Group has built over 4,000 swimming pools, spas, and water features. They have worked on pools worth over $1,000,000, and some that are only $30,000. You can also expect eye-popping designs. As Dan Pendly points out, “We have won over 200 design awards in several categories, including multiple awards from Aqua Magazine like being named to the top 100 pool companies in the nation. While Pool & Spa News, the pool industry’s national trade magazine, named the Pendlay’s as having one of the top 50 companies in the U.S. This coveted Industry’s Choice Award is earned by those companies exhibiting the highest caliber of professionalism, design skills, expertise in construction, sales and marketing techniques, business practices, customer satisfaction, and community service.”

A Truly Holistic Design Process

One of the things that makes the process so memorable for Dominion Pool Group customers is the special care and attention to every detail. When you decide to invest in a custom pool with them, a Dominion Pools design consultant will contact you to set up a meeting to come to your home to discuss the features, likes, dislikes, and a budget for the pool you are considering. They will evaluate your backyard, topography, the architecture of your home, focal and access points, family needs/usage, tree locations, locate utilities, check for easements, and a number of other things.

It will be necessary to have a site or plot plan of your house and property available for their consultant. Following the initial consultation, your designer will return to the office and design a custom pool to incorporate all the features and benefits which were discussed. They will then contact you to schedule an appointment to come to their office/showroom for a no-pressure, professional presentation of your custom Dominion Pool. Here, you will be able to see the many samples of the materials being suggested such as tile, coping, deck, and plaster.

The best part? You can design just about anything that you can imagine. Want a waterfall? You got it! Want a hot tub shaped like the state of Texas? Dominion Pool Group can do that! Want an outdoor kitchen to go with your pool? Yes, Dominion Pool Group does that too. Even better, when going through the design process you will be able to see exactly what your pool will look like as each project is designed with the newest, state of the art, interactive 3-D computer software which allows us to create vivid presentations that will give our clients a clear understanding of their project in extraordinary detail. Dominion Pool Group can simulate how your pool will look at different parts of the day, and from different angles. Essentially, if you want to know what your pool will look like from your second-story balcony at 8:00pm, Dominion Pool Group can do that too. They specialize in:

  • Award-Winning Pool Designs
  • Arbors & Pergolas & Cabanas, Decks & Patios
  • Fireplaces & Fire Pits
  • Grills & Outdoor Kitchens
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Fog/Misting Systems
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Pool Remodeling & Restoration
  • Fences & Enclosures
  • Water Features
  • Landscape Design & Installation Services
  • Mosquito Control Systems
  • Shade Structures
  • Outdoor Furniture

The Staycation

Having a custom-designed pool can turn any backyard into a vacation destination. Instead of worrying about where your child will be this summer, or whether or not you’ll have anything fun to do, invest in a Dominion Pools custom pool. It’s great for when you want to have fun, but don’t want to leave your home. It will also boost your home’s value. You don’t have to worry about mediocrity with Dominion Pool Group, instead, give your family the staycation it deserves!

You can contact Dominion Pool Group at (936) 597-SWIM (7946), or online at dominionpoolgroup.com. If you’d like to tour their in-house design center you can find them in Historic Montgomery at 306 John A Butler Street, Montgomery, TX 77356, Monday-Friday: 9:00am – 6:00pm, Saturday: By Appointment.  Stop in and see the friendly way they do business.

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