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Lake Conroe Fishing Report – July 2020

Lake Conroe Fishing Report – July 2020

Black Bass:  For the first part of daylight you can catch some Bass by fishing along rock or concrete structures using crank baits or plastic worms Texas rigged.  After the sun rises your best bet is to use Carolina worm rigs around main lake points, old roadbeds and submerged pond dams in 8’ – 15’ depths.  The south end of the lake seems to be the best during the mid and late summer. 

Crappie:  Crappie action may be a little slow during this time of year, but if you are patient, dropping minnows or small jigs around bridge pilings, brush piles or tree stumps, you can manage a decent catch at times. 

White Bass & Hybrid Striped Bass:  Both of these fish are found in the same areas and can be caught best by trolling small pet spoons behind deep diving crank baits along submerged humps and points in 15’ – 25’ depths.  The number of White Bass has increased in the last two years and it makes for better action.  

Catfish:  Catfish action is also very steady at this time.  I like to bait up several areas along creek and river channels and also along a drop off near main lake points in 15’ – 25’ depths.  Milo and range cubes are both good baits to bring in good numbers of cats.  Dip baits, shrimp and chicken livers are all good baits to catch catfish.

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