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Trying To Find a Style That’s Right For You?

Trying To Find a Style That’s Right For You?

Be U Salon Wants to Put Your Needs First

Hair care isn’t just about keeping up with the styles but making sure YOU feel good about yourself. 

Looking for something a little different with your hair care needs? Do you find that your hairdresser doesn’t care about doing the best job possible? Would you like a hairdresser who can help you be the best version of yourself? Be U Salon is that and so much more! From the moment you walk in you’ll be treated to a warm environment and a specialized hair care treatment that’s right for you!

A Stylist That Listens to Your Needs

Our hair is important. In a lot of ways, it helps define our personality and how we want ourselves to be seen. Why should you settle for an average hair treatment when you don’t have to? Be U Salon hopes to change that narrative every time you step into their store, “I started my business because I wanted people to see what I have to offer and be able to find the right team to work with, which I did,” says owner Yamil Lambrides. “I have eight amazing professional Hair Stylists that work in the salon who are dedicated to helping customers find the right look for them.” 

Coming into Be U Salon isn’t your ordinary experience. Instead, you’ll have access to haircare professionals who go above and beyond what is necessary for a salon. Each member of the team has been handpicked because of their hard work ethic and dedication to the customer. This is an essential starting point for all of Be U Salon’s staff. As Yamil notes, “What makes our business different from others is that we take care of our clients like they are the only ones. We like to view Be U Salon as an escape for our customers.“ Everyone is dedicated to the mission Yamil has presented for Be U Salon “What surprises our customers the most is the way our team works together and gets along.” Unlike big haircare chains, the staff at Be U Salon is committed to creating an environment that is not only enjoyable for the workers but also the interactions between hairstylists in customers. 

Find A Style That Fits You

Throughout life, our preferred hairstyle is going to change. We may want to go shorter, introduce highlights, or get extensions, but we need a guiding hand oftentimes. That’s where Be U Salon comes in. You don’t have to struggle to try to find the right style for you. “I wish people to know we are here to help them find the right style and make them feel good about themselves. The stylist in the salon is able to provide almost any hair service the customer desires,” says Yamil. Not only that, but a stylist can help you consider the following things when choosing a new hairstyle:

  • How your hair texture will be affected
  • Your face shape
  • How much maintenance your hair will need on a daily and monthly basis
  • What color is right for your hair
  • How to add highlights to your hair and the best time to reapply highlights
  • Shaping your hair

Be U Salon understands that there is not always an easy answer for every customer. Oftentimes, people can be hesitant to change styles or colors because they often feel alone in their decision making. At Be U Salon, they want to help walk you through the process, providing examples and adjustments. The staff at Be U Salon wants to make sure you can make the best decisions with your hair regarding style and treatment. Not only does your style need to make you feel confident and look good, but it also needs to help your hair look and feel healthy. You’re only going to get that type of treatment at Be U Salon. 

You’re home

When you’re at Be U Salon you won’t feel like just any ordinary customer. As Yamil puts it, “We make them feel welcome and at home. Our customers say our salon makes them comfortable like they are at home, which is what we hope and strive for.” Be U Salon is staffed with an engaged group of stylists that are attentive to their clients. Be U Salon understands that a salon isn’t just a place where you go to get your haircut. It is also a place where you get to make new friends and enjoy a congenial environment. When asked about why creating this atmosphere is so important to Yamil and her crew, she stated that “my favorite thing about my community is that people believe in us.” For her team, it’s about providing a space where she can show how much this community means to her. “It makes me very happy that we made another customer’s day and met their needs because they have always shown us support.”

It’s not just about creating a nice atmosphere, but about being comfortable with who you are. As Yamil puts it, “I would advise my clients to be themselves with their style because at the end of the day it’s all about them.” Don’t choose a hairstylist that isn’t committed to you living your best life. Instead, choose Be U Salon. 

Be U Salon can be found at two locations: 14756 FM 1485 Conroe, TX 77306, and 25526 I-45, Spring, TX 77386. You can schedule an appointment with the Conroe location at 281-572-1008, and for the Spring location at 281-771-3122. Hours are Tuesday-Friday 10 am-6:30 pm, Saturday 9 am-5 pm, Sunday-Monday Closed. You can also reach them at www.hairbyyamil.com.

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