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What Does It Mean To Animals?

What Does It Mean To Animals?

We all love to celebrate and July 4th is traditionally a day for respectful fun and thanks for the freedom that was made possible in 1776. Now, here we are in 2020 Independence Day in Montgomery County, but it is a tough time for Animal Shelter Volunteers of Texas (ASVT) to celebrate wholeheartedly when animals in our community are suffering. ASVT are in the trenches daily striving to give “independence from suffering” to animals in need. We are contacted daily about starved, abused and unwanted dogs and cats and there are more out there that are not being helped.

Our community and animal shelters are overflowing and there is no end in sight….unless we promote SPAY & NEUTER.

Yes, over 300 puppies and kittens were taken in by ASVT in the past five months and more keep arriving. If you have ever considered adopting, now is a perfect time, but we still need to concentrate on spay/neuter. 

Don’t worry – we will not run out of puppies or kittens! We are at disgraceful epidemic levels of unwanted, neglected and abused animals.

You can visit our website to see all our pets available for adoption. All pets shown in this article are available for YOU to adopt!


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