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A Crash Course in Insurance

A Crash Course in Insurance


Have you ever called a 1-800 number and pressed 0 until you were able to get to a real person?  Or maybe you’re like my father in law, and you yell at the automated recording until it malfunctions and patches you through? It’s not an easy way to get business done, that’s for sure! Insurance can be complicated enough at times, so it really doesn’t help when your agent is a robot! 

So think for a minute about the good old day… when good honest PEOPLE (like real human beings) took care of your business.  Remember what it was like when the people you played ball with, went to church with or saw at the grocery store and school events were the same people who took care of your family’s insurance and financial service needs?  Man, those were the good old days! Those were the days when your claim got handled by someone you know! Those were the days when you got what you paid for.  Those were the days when you had a real agent, a local office and some good old-fashioned customer service!  Those were days when business got taken care of, period! 

Well, it’s our commitment to keep the good old days alive at Jimmy Thompson State Farm Insurance Companies.  Call or come by anytime. 

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