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A Stress-Free Kitchen Renovation, On Time and Within Budget?

A Stress-Free Kitchen Renovation, On Time and Within Budget?

How Dream Kitchen & Bath is Transforming Spaces…and Perceptions

What’s the most popular remodeling project for homeowners? What room is the most renovated room in American homes? The answer is not a surprise to anyone: the kitchen

The kitchen is the room that people use the most. It’s the place where so many family moments happen, where friends gather, where holiday memories are created. It’s where the kids run through to grab a snack on a busy day, where you stand around the counter and enjoy a conversation, and where family meals are prepared with loved ones. It’s usually the most memorable room in your home, and that might not necessarily be a good thing if your kitchen is old and out of style. 

While it may be the most popular hang out spot, it’s also the one room that gets outdated the quickest. Keeping up with the newest trends and upgrading your kitchen might sound exciting, but it also scares a lot of homeowners. There are a lot of assumptions about renovations, namely how stressful they can be. But the reality is, the stress factor comes down to choosing the right company. 

Renovation? Get Ready to be Stressed…Right?

Dream Kitchen & Bath started for that very reason – to change the assumptions about home remodels by providing a service that will always exceed customers’ expectations. And let’s face it, expectations for the process of remodelling aren’t usually very high. Time after time they have delivered results that surprise their customers, and they do it by breaking the mold of what a typical renovation should be. Here’s a customer response that exemplifies the work of Dream Kitchen & Bath:

“Dream Kitchen & Bath surpassed our expectations – they have done an incredible job with our interior renovation. Our home needed a major facelift when we moved in, and Emad was personally involved in the planning of each project with recommendations based on his experience. His team handled all of our projects that included the kitchen, three baths, and the support beam construction of the dining room for an open plan concept. Each crewmember on his team was very courteous, and made sure our concerns were promptly addressed and with attention to detail. All of our projects were within the cost estimates provided, and in a timely manner. The office staff and crews were both professional and courteous throughout this transformation. Our home looks wonderful, and we highly recommend Emad and his team for any home project.” – Angie’s List Review

Dream Kitchen & Bath’s General Manager Emad Takatka takes pride in their process. “We always exceed our customer’s expectations. We always deliver what they were hoping for, which actually surprises most people. They can’t believe that we delivered on time, with such high quality work and communication. We make the process as easy as possible and our customers are always delighted by our methods.” 

It’s quite unusual for people to enjoy the process of a renovation. The finished product, sure, but the in-between is where the stress lurks. Dream Kitchen & Bath has found a way to transform not only people’s kitchens, but also their perception on what a remodelling company can be. 

Why Kitchen Remodels Don’t Have to Be Stressful

Kitchen remodels specifically are so popular because renovations can be made without you having to move out of the house, and it can add a ton of value to your home. While you can find a way to live around the construction, most renovations can be messy and make you want to stay away as much as possible. It’s not uncommon to see piles of debris right outside the front door, and a messy dump of demolition aftermath sitting in front of the house. Dream Kitchen & Bath takes a different approach, removing all the debris daily and never placing it in front of the home. 

They also finish remodel projects on time, a rare feat nowadays, and within budget – perhaps even more scarce. And we’re not talking about cheap, simple designs and materials. Granite, marble, quartz, intricate designs, artistic molding, detail oriented craftsmanship – all designed, constructed and installed with excellence from conception to completion. Dream Kitchen & Bath follows a narrow road in the home renovation industry: they actually deliver on their promises. 

Renovations also always seem to reveal hidden problems, and how they are handled can be the source of either anxiety or relief. “When it comes to problems and troubleshooting, with no questions asked I myself go and talk with the customer within an hour to make sure the communication is clear and that everything is under control. We move everything in our schedule around to meet the customer’s needs and keep the project on track,” says Emad.

A large part of their success is the vision behind the company, Emad’s love for transformation. “My passion is simply to fix things, to make things better,” he says. “My kids call me the fixer. I see something that is broken and I get excited about fixing it. When it comes to remodelling, I love to see the transformation of a space. I love finding the potential and making it a reality.” Perhaps that’s exactly why the company is called Dream Kitchen & Bath. Your dream for your kitchen contains all the potential Emad and his team need to transform your space. And do they ever deliver. 

Current Events and Remodeling – How Has it Been Affected?

Many new homes now are built with an open concept, where the kitchen is the focal point. It makes perfect sense. The style is so popular that homeowners are removing walls, opening up rooms, and rebuilding their kitchen to match the looks they so often see on HGTV. But with everything going on in the world, you may think remodelling a kitchen is the last thing on people’s minds. Well, then you’d be surprised.

“To be honest, I’m surprised by this, but we haven’t been affected at all,” says an amazed Emad. “If anything, we’ve only had a few customers who requested to put a project on hold for a few weeks to be cautious, only to start back up once their fears were relieved of the severity of everything.”

That should bring some hope to you if you’ve been considering a remodel but have had second thoughts due to current events. In fact, now may be the perfect time to transform your home to prepare for friends and family in the future. 

Community Support Makes All the Difference

Dream Kitchen & Bath is not just a local favorite for transforming kitchens, but for bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms – any space in a home. Emad feels blessed to have the support of the local community. “We love our community because they are so supportive and love working with local businesses,” he says. “While we strive to go above and beyond for each of our customers, we have been surprised that they do the same for us. They talk about us to everyone they know and about how we were on time, the quality of work, and the level of communication we provide. It’s music to our ears.This has always been our goal, to reach this level of relationship with our customers.” 

If you are looking for a stress-free way to get your kitchen, bathroom, or full home renovation, Dream Kitchen & Bath is your new favorite home design and construction company. Not only will you get exceptional service and craftsmanship throughout your renovation, you will also get a beautiful design rendering for your dream room for free! You can learn more about Dream Kitchen & Bath by going online at www.dreamkitchenandbathtx.com, or by calling GM Emad Takatka at (832) 944-5528. 

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