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5 Remodel Projects that Increase Your Home Value the Most

5 Remodel Projects that Increase Your Home Value the Most

Are you looking for home remodel projects that increase your home value the most? You’re in the right place! Home remodeling is becoming more popular nowadays as many people want a new house, but don’t necessarily want to move. Others do want to move, but their current home has become outdated and in need of repairs. Whichever boat you’re in, remodeling your home is the answer.

If you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck as far as home value is concerned, then there are certain remodel projects that increase your home value the most. They are:

  1. Redesigning the kitchen
  2. Updating the bathrooms
  3. Upgrading the Floors
  4. Opening up the Space
  5. Revitalizing the Landscape

Let’s dive into each one to see what you should do.

1. Redesigning the Kitchen

Kitchens are one of the most popular remodel projects that increase your home value. More and more people are replacing cabinets, adding granite countertops, getting a new sink, upgrading their appliances, and adding an artistic touch with new backsplashes. Old, tired kitchen layouts are being replaced with open concept designs that allow for more space and better functionality. Many homeowners are also adding better lighting to enhance the space even more. 

Pro tip: if you are planning a kitchen remodel, start with the triangle rule. It states that your three main work areas – the stove, the sink, and the refrigerator – should form a triangle 

2. Updating the Bathrooms

Perhaps the next most popular remodel projects that increase your home value is updating the bathroom. Bathrooms seem to wear out the most of any room in the house. It’s amazing what a remodel can do to transform this space. Many people are choosing to replace the bathtub with a walk-in shower, upgrade the sink and cabinets and get a new, more efficient toilet. Some are even redesigning the entire space by moving around the toilet, sink and vanity to new positions. 

Pro tip: Adding larger or extra mirrors can make your bathroom appear larger and brighter. 

3. Upgrading the Floors

If you’re looking for remodel projects that increase your home value without costing you a small fortune, consider replacing your floors. Pulling up old carpet and adding wood or laminate floors is a popular choice nowadays. You can also go with vinyl for roughly the same price as laminate, or upgrade to something more durable like tile floors. Replacing carpet with a wood or tile look is popular because it can transform the feel of a room, contribute to cleanliness, and it lasts much longer. 

Pro tip: if you want to save a lot of money on new floors, consider replacing them yourself. Most laminate and vinyl flooring is easy to install and there are tons of free resources online to show you the way. 

4. Opening up the Space

Open concept floor plans are the newest trend in home design, and for good reason. An open concept floor plan means fewer walls which creates a better traffic flow and invites more natural light throughout a home. One of the best features of an open concept design is flexibility. You can easily move furniture around to try different configurations to get the layout you love most. Because it’s such a popular look nowadays, knocking down some walls and going with an open floor plan is one of the best remodel projects that increase your home value.

Pro tip: hire a pro to do this. Due to the nature of knocking down walls, a professional can determine what walls can be moved and which ones can’t.

5. Revitalizing the Landscape

Perhaps the cheapest and easiest of the remodel projects that increase your home value is enhancing your landscaping. Curb appeal goes a long way in making a home attractive. First impressions can mean a lot. Many homeowners are upgrading their landscaping by getting new grass, planting trees, adding plants and flowers, building a pathway, or adding lighting to their yard. If you don’t want to do any of these, the next best thing is to hire a landscaping company to cut your lawn and revitalize your grass so it’s full and thick.

Pro tip: choose plants and trees that are a good fit for your climate. If you live in Texas, for instance, you need plants that can withstand hot summers without constant maintenance. 

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