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A Crash Course in Insurance – October 2020

A Crash Course in Insurance – October 2020

I started my insurance career with State Farm in Baton Rouge, Louisiana before we opened our first office in Willis in 2011.  I have been through Hurricane Katrina, Gustav, Rita, Ike, Isaac, Harvey and now Laura.  Our office is currently licensed and active in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas and New Mexico……….so you can imagine we’ve not only been through the coastal gauntlet of hurricanes, but we also deal with wildfires, tornado outbreaks, hailstorms and catastrophic flooding.

What I have come to know through all these tough experiences is this……….a great agent proves their worth during a major catastrophe! 

Did you know as a State Farm agent………me and my team can write you a check directly out of my office? That’s right, we don’t have to wait for an adjuster to get money in your account – we can do that!  In the case of a major catastrophe, having a significant check in hand from your agent has always been helpful for our insured to secure the best roofers, contractors and skilled local labor without having to wait for an adjuster or sign a contract with a storm chaser.  

Did you know as a State Farm agent…….I represent YOU to State Farm during claim time? Me and my team work for YOU! We work with your adjuster on your behalf to make sure that all coverage and payments due to you are fair, honest and timely……..and we are great at what we do! We are passionate about helping people, so it’s our time to shine when you need us most! 

I was born and raised in Lake Charles, Louisiana – so returning home after Hurricane Laura to help family, friends and clients alike, it reminds me once again how important it is to have a great agent and a great local team to support you during a major catastrophe.  So this is just a friendly reminder that we are here and we are ready when you need us!

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