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From the Editor

From the Editor

Well, as we enter into September it is safe to say nothing much has changed from the summer months.  We are continuing on the road of uncharted territory as we move through another month of 2020, which means we are continuing to learn what new normal behaviors are excepted of us with changing variables on a daily basis and it gets to be a bit confusing.  Nobody seems to know what normal even looks like anymore.  Here at Dock Line we will continue to be here to support our community, since now more than ever our community needs all of our support.  As we continue to navigate the new waters of this ever changing year, just know here in Texas we will still have a few more beach days and cookouts but there will also be social distancing, smaller gatherings and a crazy school year kick off.  Our new normal is anything but normal.  It is true our vocabulary has changed but throughout it all, the message remains the same. We are a community of resilience, compassion and generosity.  It has become apparent what a great community in which we live in.  We encourage everyone to take a look around, celebrate the little things and support your local businesses. They need your support now as we all struggle to get through this unprecedented time.  If we all stick together we will be stronger than ever.  Until next month, be kind and stay safe…

Bentley & Ellie

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