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Fueling Future Generations

Fueling Future Generations

From a garage apartment office to a 7-acre facility, and on to a second location, as well as a Generac Generator Division, Texas Star Propane & Texas Star Power is only just getting started. 

Since opening, Texas Star Propane has gone from a small start-up company in a garage apartment, to a thriving and successful business. Texas Star Propane is a turnkey residential and commercial provider of propane products and services. In addition, Texas Star Power (a Texas Star Propane company) handles all of your generator service needs. From purchasing, installing, maintenance, and warranty repair, Texas Star Power helps you prepare for the worst situations. 

Owners Joel Sopchak and Josh Kasprzak, who have been best friends for over 20 years, opened the company over a decade ago. While their company is over a decade old, they are backed by more than 75 years of combined customer service of propane and generator knowledge. 

Joel, who is the co-owner and President of Texas Star Propane, grew up in the propane industry, working for his family’s company that started in 1950. “My late grandpa Albert P. Stennett, Jr. started his own propane company in 1950 and my late father, Carl Sopchak continued running that company,” Joel explained. “I learned a lot and I wanted to continue my grandpa’s and father’s legacy of offering the best customer service in the propane industry.” After his family’s company was sold, Joel decided to open his own business with his best friend by his side. “I remember calling Josh and saying, ‘I’ll teach you the propane business and you teach me customer service’.” Through this bond, the work of generations that came before is making a difference in the lives of customers. 

In September of 2009, Texas Star Propane was created and four months later they made their first delivery. Since then, Texas Star Propane and their subsidiary Texas Star Power have taken their propane and generator services to the next level. Texas Star Propane now offers:

  • 6 Delivery Trucks
  • 3 Services Trucks
  • 90,000 + gallons of propane storage
  • A team of 26 employees that are dedicated to serving you
  • Two locations to choose from. One in Plantersville, TX that sits on 7 acres of land, and the second location is situated in the Huntsville area.

As with any industry-leading company, the customer experience is the real testament to success:

“We bought a generator from these guys. They were able to give us a price over the phone, that they later confirmed after doing a site visit. The price was the lowest of the three that we received. The delivery time was two weeks, as opposed to 4-6 weeks for the competition. They established an install date that was less than two weeks, and installed the generator and connected it to the propane. Due to weather messing up the scheduling, it took about another week to connect the electrical side of the unit, but Texas Star gave us appropriate compensation for the delay. The installation was completed and lo and behold, only a week or so after the installation, we had a power outage. The generator performed perfectly for the three hour outage, and we were very pleased. I highly recommend Texas Star Propane for the purchase and installation of a backup generator.”

-Richard Gremillion from Google Reviews

Generators That Stand the Test of Time

Have you ever thought about buying a generator for your business or home? Not sure what the benefits of owning one could be? In the event of a natural disaster or storm, a standby generator can:

  • Keep vital electronics running
  • Keep food from spoiling
  • Help keep your business running when electricity is down
  • Provide comfort and stability when the going gets rough

Within seconds, your standby generator taps into its fuel supply and your electricity is back up and running.  

In June 2017, Texas Star Power teamed up with Generac Generators to become a licensed dealer so they can not only provide propane for back-up generators but provide the generator as well. “Teaming up with Generac allowed us to offer a full turnkey service,” Josh highlighted. “We sell, set and service all size Generac generators, so customers don’t have to worry about going here and there to get their generator up and working. They can just call us and we’ll take care of the rest.” Texas Star Power can service natural gas and diesel generators. 

Texas Star Power will walk you through the process of buying and installing a generator that is based on your needs. “Our first priority is helping customers find the right generator based on the size and needs of their home or commercial property.”

When partnering with Texas Star Power for your generator needs, you can expect:

  • Special Financing Available
  • Texas Star Power will sell, set & service your whole home standby generator
  • Repairs, maintenance, & warranty for your generator
  • Generac Elite Plus dealer 
  • Hassle-free process
  • No money down
  • Licensed & Insured
  • Free on-site consultations

That’s not all, though. Texas Star Power is a Generac dealer; however, they sell other high-quality brands like Kohler. You aren’t just limited to one option or one price.

Thinking about installing a standby generator yourself? Think again. When installing, you’ll need to worry about electrical connections, building permits or HOA restrictions, plumbing connections, site selections, and the yearly maintenance required to upkeep a generator. Every house, commercial business, and neighborhood is different as each requires a special understanding of both the technical aspects of installation and upkeep as well as the societal impacts. Already have your own generator? We will gladly service and maintain that unit as well. Call us today to insure your unit us ready in your time of need. 

“I immediately felt that Texas Star was concerned with my service and satisfaction, not just securing a sale as others seemed to try to rush me into. Thanks for the time and information needed to make an informed decision, Texas Star. I’ll send everyone I know!”

-Joseph C.

More Than Just a Propane Provider

“We pride ourselves on customer service and a huge part of that is ensuring our customer’s safety,” Josh said. “Every time we acquire a new customer, we do a system safety check before delivering the propane, whether it’s our tank or theirs. We just want to make sure everything is done to our and our customer’s satisfaction.” 

When talking about the staff Texas Star Propane has hired, “Every member of our team has been in the field and has hands-on experience. We also do in-house training on top of the training they receive through their railroad commission training,” Joel added. 

More importantly, they also know that none of this would be possible without the support of their community, which is why they continually give back through their propane donation program and the Lone Survivor Foundation. “No matter how successful we are or will be, we will never forget where we came from and how we got here,” Josh vowed. “We wanted to give back to a community and people who have given so much to us.”

Every month since the beginning of 2017, Texas Star Propane has selected a family in need through nominations and provided them with 100 free gallons of propane. Also, a portion of their sales goes to the Lone Survivor Foundation in an effort to help provide wounded service members, their spouses, children, and care partners with health, wellness and therapeutic support. When you choose Texas Star Propane & Texas Star Power, you are also helping make a direct impact on your community.

You can find Texas Star Propane at www.texasstarpropane.com or Texas Star Power, at www.texasstarpower.com or you can also contact them at 281-259-2162 (Plantersville), 936-439-6544 (Huntsville). Feel free to also contact them by email at [email protected] or [email protected]. You can stop by at the Plantersville location at 45664 FM 1774 Plantersville, TX 77363, or at their Huntsville locations at 3127 TX -19 Huntsville, TX 77320. Texas Star Power can be reached at the Plantersville location.

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