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The 5 Best Christmas Activities to Do During the Pandemic

The 5 Best Christmas Activities to Do During the Pandemic

Are you looking for the best Christmas activities to do during the pandemic? It’s safe to say the pandemic has left us all in a state of constant adjustment. All the “normal” things we’ve done for entertainment now come with an asterisk. We’re now told to have fun, *while maintaining social distancing. With Christmas right around the corner, finding family-friendly pandemic-approved activities can be a challenge.

Well, have no fear! Today we’re going to share with some of the best Christmas activities to do during the pandemic. Let’s dive in!

1. Looking at Christmas Lights

One of the best Christmas activities to do during the pandemic is to go looking at Christmas lights. Your family can pile into the car and drive around local neighborhoods to enjoy the festive decorations. Do some research on the best neighborhoods to see Christmas lights, like this list of Houston’s best choices. You can stay safely in your car and still have a great time together. Don’t forget to bring some snacks and crank up the holiday music!

2. Putting Up Christmas Lights

In the spirit of holiday decorations, you can invite people to get into the Christmas spirit and maintain social distancing by putting up your own Christmas lights. You might even inspire your neighbors to do the same and draw some attention to your neighborhood for Christmas light seekers. Who knows, you might end up on a “best Christmas lights” list. Putting up lights on your home is a great way to spend quality time with the family outside. Sure, it may be a bit nippy, but you’ll create memories, and perhaps even start a family tradition. 

3. Drive-In Movies

Another one of the best Christmas activities to do during the pandemic is going to a drive-in movie. Just like looking at Christmas lights, you never have to leave your car. You and your family or friends can enjoy a great film while staying cozy and warm in your vehicle. If you have a truck, you can bring some blankets and curl up in the back to create an even better drive-in movie experience. Check out this list of the best drive-in movie theaters around Houston.  

4. Christmas Tree Farms

One of the most family-friendly Christmas activities to do during the pandemic is to pick out a tree at a local Christmas tree farm. The Christmas tree is the focal point of any home Christmas decorations. This year, instead of using the same fake tree, make an adventure out of it and get a live tree at a Christmas tree farm. You and the family can head out to a tree farm and begin your search for the perfect Christmas tree. If you don’t wait until the last minute, you should be able to avoid crowds and maintain social distancing. Wondering where to go near Houston? Check out this list of best Houston area Christmas tree farms

5. Go Ice Skating

While this activity is the one on this list that is most likely to involve crowds, people tend to avoid each other on the ice. Ice skating is a lot of fun and the perfect activity to do with your special someone or with the whole family. Take the family out to one of these Houston area ice rinks and enjoy some quality time together. Sure, this activity might take some practice, but that’s part of the fun of it. 

We hope you find this list helpful and start some new family traditions with these Christmas activities to do during the pandemic. 

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