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How to Control Asthma Without an Inhaler

How to Control Asthma Without an Inhaler

Controlling asthma without an inhaler can be tough. Every person who has asthma is triggered by different causes, and the effectiveness of treatment can depend on the condition of your asthma. Nevertheless, there are some tried and true methods on how to control asthma without an inhaler. We’ve broken them down into separate categories:

  • Prevention
  • Asthma Attack
  • Seeking Medical Help


Prevention is critical to control asthma without an inhaler. Think of it as the first line of defense in keeping your lungs happy and healthy. Take these asthma preventative measures slowly to monitor your air intake. You can include some of the following techniques in mitigating asthma risk factors:

  • Know and understand your triggers
  • Work out
  • Go outside more often
  • Reduce stress and anxiety

Knowing the triggers of an asthma attack can help get you out of bad situations. Don’t be around people who engage in activities that trigger an asthma attack. Common items such as smoking, pets, dust, mold, and others can all make sure you experience asthmatic symptoms.

Working out at home or the gym is very good for your asthma. It will strengthen your breathing muscles and build up a tolerance for when you need to do other physical activity. You can start exercising by walking around the block and gradually increasing your workload. Do different types of exercises and remember to take breaks to catch your breath. 

Being in nature and breathing fresh air can have a positive impact on your lungs and psychological state. Outdoor exercises will also be beneficial for your lungs. Air quality is important, though, as pollution can cause symptoms to worsen. Check AirNow before heading out to know how good the air quality is in your area.

Stress and anxiety can induce panic attacks, which can dramatically increase asthmatic symptoms. To control asthma without an inhaler take stock of your mental health. Learn ways to recognize that you are having a panic attack and react accordingly. Doing some deep breathing techniques can help lessen symptoms of both your mental state and asthma.

Asthma attack

If you are not able to prevent an asthma attack there are a couple of key ways to control your asthma without an inhaler:

  • Stay calm
  • Focus on deep breaths
  • Get away from triggers
  • Take a hot bath or shower
  • Drink a hot liquid  

Staying calm is one of the number one ways to control asthma without an inhaler. Stop all physical activity and focus on deep breaths. If need be, place a cool towel over your head and focus on getting your next breath.

If you are surrounded by triggering items such as smoking or pets, try to get away from them for the time being. Failing to separate yourself from those triggers may allow symptoms to persist. 

Hot steam is also one of the great ways to manage asthma without an inhaler. Take a hot bath and hold a towel over your head over the hot water. The steam will help your airways open and you should be able to breathe better. Steam from a hot shower may also do, provided that you are in a small enclosed bathroom where steam can be trapped. Drinking hot liquids can also open up passageways providing extra airflow.

Consult with a doctor

If none of these options work, consult with a medical professional immediately. An asthma attack can kill someone. Furthermore, If you are not going to carry an inhaler with you, that is a decision you need to make based on the medical information provided by your doctor. 

Don’t try to control asthma without an inhaler if you don’t get the green light from your doctor.

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