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6 Ways to Reduce Waste While Traveling

6 Ways to Reduce Waste While Traveling

Traveling is always a fun and exciting way to gain new perspectives and separate yourself from the world’s anxieties. However, have you ever considered how to reduce waste while traveling? At first glance, it may seem impossible to reduce your waste while traveling, but there are some simple techniques you can use anytime you travel.

Whether you are planning to go camping or on a road trip, here are some easy ways you can reduce waste while traveling. 

  1. Make food for yourself beforehand
  2. Clean up after yourself
  3. Buy refillable travel shampoo and conditioner
  4. Use public transportation when you can
  5. Buy a reusable cooler
  6. Use digital receipts

Make food for yourself beforehand

Often when we travel, we will order food to go or eat out a bunch. While it is enjoyable to eat out with friends, it can be harmful to the environment. Items such as plastic forks, styrofoam containers, and plastic plates contribute to filling up landfills faster and faster. To mitigate some of these trips, try making yourself food beforehand!

You can use reusable containers to store and hold your food. You can also save a lot of money while traveling by preparing your meals ahead of time. Try finding a room that has a kitchen to make the most out of your food. If you are camping in the woods, make granola or trail mix. You’ll not only benefit from the better nutrients but reduce your carbon footprint! 

Clean up after yourself

You may think this is obvious, and it may be to you, but still, some people refuse to do a thorough cleaning after camping or spending a day at the beach. Don’t be that person! Pick up after yourself and your family. Consider bringing a reusable tote or bag to dump any trash you have. 

You protect the environment from harmful materials and ensure that our habits won’t hurt animals. Kids can get in on it, too! For every piece of trash they find around your campsite, offer them a quarter or nickel. 

Reducing your waste while traveling by thoroughly cleaning up after yourself is simple and effective. 

Buy refillable travel shampoo and conditioner

Refillable shampoo bottles, conditioners, deodorants, cologne, and other toiletries can reduce hundreds of pounds of waste over time. Instead of buying one-use bottles and then throwing them out, use refillable bottles so you never have to purchase extra again. In general, any eco-friendly toiletries can reduce your waste while traveling.

Use public transportation when you can

According to the EPA, transportation produces around 14% of greenhouse gas emissions. If you are dedicated to reducing your carbon footprint, try taking public transportation while traveling. 

Whether you take a bus or train, it will help you lessen greenhouse gas emissions. You don’t have to plan your whole trip around using public transportation. Even small uses, such as using public transportation when you get to your destination, can have a significant impact.

Instead of getting an Uber, try biking or walking around any downtown area.

Buy a reusable cooler

Don’t waste your money on foam coolers. They are bad for the environment, are not reusable, and just end up in a landfill. Instead, buy a sturdy cooler that you can take with you camping or traveling. 

You don’t have to spend large amounts of money on a cooler; even a decent Igloo cooler can last you a decade or more if properly maintained. There are even coolers that will last you an entire lifetime. You can find a breakdown of coolers for every occasion here.

Igloo also offers coolers that are recyclable and made out of other materials other than plastic. Consider those options if you want to reduce your waste while traveling.

Use digital receipts

Paper products such as receipts and tickets are often small but contribute a sizable portion of the environment’s destruction. Consider going paperless for all of your travel needs. You can use a mobile filing app to log and categorize all of your purchases and receipts. It’s an easy way to cut out your daily paper usage.

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