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9th Annual “Dentistry For Veterans”

9th Annual “Dentistry For Veterans”

Dr. Timothy E. Gardner of Montgomery & Conroe Comprehensive Dental Centers honors Veteran’s Day with free dentistry!  “Pay It Forward” Dr. Gardner always says. 

For the 9th consecutive year, Dr. Gardner and volunteers which included Dr. Ryan Rodriguez, Dr. Kim McBarnet, Dr. Ron Williams, Rachel Burroughs RDH, Lisa Taedter RDH, Meagan Fondren RDH, Ashlee Sturrock RDH, Ashlee Oinonen RDH, Riddhi Bhakta RDH, Andrea Galateanu RDH, Jennifer Nelson RDH, and area dental assistants performed over $58,500 worth of free dentistry to Montgomery County veterans. In addition, sponsors for the event included Dental Health Products, Mike’s Superior Dental Lab, Vitality Dental Arts, Williams Dental Lab and Pizza Shack on Hwy. 105 in Montgomery for donating a generous lunch to our volunteers.

Veterans were asked to make a pre-screening appointment to diagnose necessary treatment.  Procedures done free of charge included, but were not limited to, cleanings, filings, crowns, root canals and extractions.  Their mission was to take care of any infections present and catch issues before they became painful.

Dr. Gardner has always held the military in the highest regard and created this event to give back to those who have given so much for our country.To date the event has donated more than $620,000 worth of free dental care to Montgomery County veterans.For more information, please visit www.drtimgardner.com

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