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Life Line with Dr. Cameron: Eye Got the Facts

Life Line with Dr. Cameron: Eye Got the Facts

Our True Colors

Did you know your eye color is unique to you and you alone?  The amount of Melanin or pigment and the subtle variations in the way the light is scattered across the iris determines the color of your eyes.   This also explains why you swear your eyes change color when you are angry.

Behind the Scenes

Our eyes are composed of more than 2 million intricately connected working parts.  The only organ more complex is our brains.  Of these millions of parts only one sixth is visible to the outside world. 

Let’s Work it Out

 Your eye is comprised of one the fastest contracting muscles in the body.  It contracts at one hundredth of a second.  These muscles even continue contracting while you sleep.

Eye Fear

Ommatophobia is the fear of eyes. Usually brought on by an injury to the eye.  The phobia may pertain to touching of ones own eye or to watching others touch an eye.  

Eye Can Learn

Eighty percent of what we learn comes in through your eyes.  Your vision stimulates many different parts of your brain.  It coordinates with motor, language and balance centers in the brain.  All this information helps an infant grow and understand the world.

Apt Pupil

Wider pupils can suggest excitement.  Any positive thought can serve to dilate your pupils.  For example, when you look at someone you are attracted to, they will expand up to 45%.  However, dilating pupils can also mean you are scared.

A Common Bond

Everyone with blue eyes shares a common ancestor.  The mutation for blue eyes occurred nearly 10,000 years ago in the area we currently call Iran. 

I thought you could use some fun facts to throw out at Thanksgiving.  Have a wonderful holiday from the Staff at Cameron Optical and myself, Dr. Bonnie Cameron.

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