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Be Your Own Home Designer

Be Your Own Home Designer

How Lone Star Floors Makes Your Kitchen and Bathroom Dream a Reality

The kitchen and bathroom are the two rooms homeowners most want to remodel, and for good reason. Popular shows like Fixer Upper and Property Brothers show us how beautiful our homes could look with some creativity and a reasonable budget. Old styles are being replaced with open concept designs and modern farmhouse features, and tired spaces are being brought to new life. 

If you’ve been dreaming of a new kitchen or bathroom, then you’re in the right place. That vision in your head doesn’t have to be a far-off dream. It can become a reality…with the right help. 

Lone Star Floors has built a strong reputation over the years of offering high-quality, budget-friendly flooring for homeowners across Montgomery County. What you may not know is that they are also one of the premier kitchen and bath remodeling companies in the area. And it’s not just the company’s opinion on the matter. Their customers rave about their service:

“Not enough good things to say about Lone Star Floors. It’s truly a family business that provides the best service around. They remodeled my kitchen and bathrooms, and they changed the whole feel of the house. I highly recommend this company to everyone.” – H. N.

You are a Home Designer. You Just Might Not Know it, Yet.

Lone Star Floors in The Woodlands was started nearly 10 years ago by John Tatom. Already a long-time staple in Sugarland, the local flooring business has quickly become known as the go-to source for beautiful floors and even better floor installation services. As the business has grown, John saw the need to expand into the home remodeling sector, specifically kitchens and bathrooms. 

So, this year Ammar Yousef joined forces with John to bring his 30+ years of home design and construction experience to the Lone Star Floors family in The Woodlands. 

Ammar is clearly aware of what makes them different from most home remodeling services. 

“You are the designer,” he says. When it comes to your own home, you likely have a dream vision for how you would like it to look. Being able to translate that dream into a reality can be a challenge. Ammar and Lone Star Floors know exactly how to make it happen. They empower their customers to dream big and work with them to transform their spaces without breaking the bank. 

With the trend toward open-concept designs and innovative home features, many homeowners are simply moving out into newer, more modern homes. However, not everyone wants to move, nor do they need to in order to get their dream home. With the right vision and a team of contractors that can bring it to life, you can turn your existing home into the one you’ve been wishing for. 

Here are the most popular remodeling options for homeowners. Best of all, you can transform your space without spending a fortune. If you do it right, with the right help, your home value will increase and you’ll actually be left with more equity than before you started. 


Have you ever heard of the “triangle rule” to kitchen design? It’s the theory that says your three main work areas in your kitchen – the sink, the refrigerator, and the stove – should form a triangle. It is amazing how applying this one rule drastically improves the functionality and ease of being in your kitchen. It’s aesthetically pleasing, but also enjoyable to work in. It’s just one of the many nuggets you’ll learn when working with Lone Star Floors. 

New granite countertops, open-concept layout, designer cabinets – whatever you dream up, Lone Star Floors will do it. In all the years of building kitchens, Ammar and his team have seen everything. “Whatever the customer wants, we can do it,” says Ammar. “I sit down with the customer and tell them to be the designer. Tell me what you want – even if it means moving appliances around and completely re-envisioning the space, we know how to make it a reality.”

Remodels are notorious for taking too long and becoming a headache for homeowners. Lone Star Floors understands that you don’t want to be put out of your house for months on end. They use their own highly-skilled, experienced contractors and work efficiently to get the job done on or before schedule. While every kitchen remodel is different, some kitchens, says Ammar, can be transformed in as little as a week. 


When it comes to bathrooms, it is amazing what you can do to turn a typically boring room into your own personal spa. Many homeowners are ditching the seldom used bathtub for a walk-in shower. New designer tile, built-in shelving, frameless glass-doors and even a seat in your shower – all these features can easily be built into your existing space. 

It’s not just about building new features to revive your bathroom. If your home is older than 15 years, your bathroom could likely use a rejuvenation in the form of new plumbing. Old pipes and worn-out plumbing can be a nightmare if not properly dealt with. Remodeling your bathroom will have benefits far beyond the visual aesthetics of it. 


While kitchen and bathroom remodeling is an expertise of Lone Star Floors, they originally built the company around flooring. Whether it’s beautiful hardwood, stylish vinyl, designer tile, or gorgeous laminate, they offer flooring that can make your home a work of art. There is just something about walking into a home and seeing a beautiful wood floor as a first impression. 

“We use the highest quality flooring materials, provide choices from up to 30 different distributors, and have great prices on everything,” says John, the General Manager. 

If you’ve been dreaming of your dream kitchen or bathroom and wonder how it can actually become a reality, call Lone Star Floors today. You, your family, and all your guests will be glad you did. 

You can call Lone Star Floors at (832) 813-0813. Lone Star Floors is located at 24627 A Interstate Hwy 45, Spring, TX 77380. You can learn more about them online at http://lonestarfloors.com.

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