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Save The Candy: How The Woodlands Locals are Supporting The Candy House

Save The Candy: How The Woodlands Locals are Supporting The Candy House

Have you ever stepped into a store and felt that you were taken back in time? As if all your cares in the world started to melt away? It’s not very often that we find places like this in our bustling cities. From malls to large warehouse stores, finding those mom and pop shops is becoming harder and harder to come by. However, in The Woodlands, there is a store that has stood the test of time and given much to the community: The Candy House.

Sweets That Haven’t Lost Their Flavor

The Candy House is a local veteran-owned business run by Donald and Barbara Baker. Started over 30 years ago, the local candy shop has become a favorite of the area, and a cornerstone of many people’s childhoods. As one Google reviewer Liz Perrella puts it:  

“The man that owns this place has been running it for 39 years!  I have memories from my childhood coming to see him and get candy before going to the park!  That was over 30 years ago and I still try to stop by any time I’m in town..”

When you step into The Candy Shop you are greeted with the smell of chocolate fudge and cinnamon in the air. Rows and rows of the store are lined with taffy, lollipops, caramel, and much more. It’s not just the candy that’s good, though. It’s the care that goes behind each interaction with a customer. As noted in the Houston Chronicle by Laraib Hashmi:

“When customers enter his store they are greeted by a warm welcome from Baker. He personally puts the candies of the customers’ choice in bags from behind the counter.”

Donald and Barbara Baker aren’t just interested in selling you candy; they want to get to know their customers and make them feel like they matter. Whether it’s wrapping your candy or putting a special order together at the last minute, it’s more than just a store. It’s a way to bring joy to everyone regardless of what’s going on in their life. You don’t need to worry about what’s going on at home or that big project at work tomorrow. At The Candy Shop, all you need to do is indulge your sweet tooth and enjoy the charm of an old fashioned candy shop.

Saving The Candy Shop

After so many years of giving the community a vital place to relax and enjoy themselves, the business has seen some hard times due to the pandemic. Customers aren’t able to enjoy the shop as normal and most people have been staying home. Danielle Cox wanted to change this after visiting the store recently. She wrote in a Facebook post noting her recent visit: 

After this post was made a GoFundMe was started for the shop, and there have been over 600 comments, 700 likes, and over 5k shares of support and love for this small business. People are reaching out to neighbors, friends, and family to help support this business through GoFundMe or purchasing products. It turns out, nobody is planning on seeing The Candy Shop go anywhere anytime soon. Not only does that speak to the quality of the candy, but the quality of the people who run the shop. 

If you are looking to support The Candy Shop or want to satisfy your sweet tooth, you can contribute to the GoFundMe or purchase any candy from their location. You can find them at 27160 Glen Loch Dr, Spring, TX 77381. You can contact The Candy House by phone at (281) 367-0564. The Candy Shop is open on Monday-Friday 10 am-7 pm and Saturday at 10 am-6 pm. Come by and experience the magic this holiday season.

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