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How to Keep Your Dog Healthy: 5 Essentials to Give Your Dog a Happy and Healthy Life

How to Keep Your Dog Healthy: 5 Essentials to Give Your Dog a Happy and Healthy Life

Being a responsible dog owner means you need to know how to keep your dog healthy. Dogs can only live their best lives when they feel their best. Don’t fret though! There’s not some hidden secret to being a good dog owner. Rather, there are some tried and tested methods to keep your dog healthy.

If you do all five essential steps your dog can live their best life, and you can rest easy knowing you did the right thing. Here’s how to keep your dog healthy and give them the best life!

  1. Prioritize exercise and nutrition
  2. Give proper training
  3. Do some routine grooming
  4. Get regular checkups
  5. Take them to the dog park

Exercise and nutrition

Exercise and nutrition are critical to keeping your dog healthy. You don’t want to overfeed them and possibly give them diabetes. Not to mention, overeating can lead to a host of problems in dogs, especially in certain breeds. Find the best dog food for your breed and ensure proper eating habits for the size and breed of your dog.

In addition to this tip on how to keep your dog healthy, you need to invest in some exercise for your dog. Different breeds require different amounts of exercise and can be limited in some exercises. Limitations may be due to genetic dispositions such as a Pug having trouble breathing, which causes them not to exercise, and then they gain weight. It’s important to start early with exercise and make sure they are getting it daily. 

Exercise is a form of stimulation for both the physical and mental aspects of a dog. If you want your pet to live their best life they also need to experience some of this world!

Proper training

Training is critical not only for your sanity but also for your dogs as well. Proper dog training will put you on good footing with your dog and set clear expectations for your dog. This needs to start as early as the puppy phase. You can teach them things like:

  • Potty training
  • Barking
  • Obedience training
  • And more!

Your dog will shape their behavior on the way that you train them. Due to training, they can know to stop barking, go use the restroom outside, and time for eating. There is also more training you can do like crate training, which can help your dog have a calm place to relax. 

In addition, even if you adopt an older dog you should still train them. While adopted dogs have their quirks due to their time in the shelter, consistent training can help them live a better life. Plus, it’s the cornerstone on how to keep your dog healthy even when you are not around!

Do some routine grooming

A dog left un-groomed can have some serious problems with their teeth, paws, hair, skin, and more. Routine grooming is going to keep your dog’s coat healthy and presentable. Checking their paws for damaged toenails and cuts will also prevent your dog from hurting themselves.

Sometimes, owners don’t consider grooming a dog’s teeth. However, they can experience tooth pain just as humans can. Brush your dog’s teeth and check their gums for infection. If you do spot any, contact your local veterinarian. The AKC also has a great write-up on what to look for when grooming your dog.

Get regular checkups

One of the most vital ways on how to keep your dog healthy is to go in for a regular check-up. Much like humans, dogs can have underlying conditions that you may not be able to spot or treat. A veterinarian will detail the history of the dog and help you spot common ailments that can happen to your breed.

More importantly, if you want to keep your dog happy and make sure they live a long life don’t wait until something goes wrong. Preventative care can help you spot problems before they arise. which will not only benefit your dog, but save you money.

Take them to the dog park

Last, but certainly not least, taking your dog to the dog park can be a great way to foster happiness and healthiness in your pup! Taking your dog to the dog park will help them get exercise, but more importantly, get them used to being around other dogs. For your dog to be friendly and open to people and other animals they need exposure to them. A great place to start is with training classes and the dog park!

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