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Family Life Medical: A True Traditional Family Practice

Family Life Medical: A True Traditional Family Practice


The recent pandemic has thrown to the forefront of all our thoughts the vital importance of our health and our families’ health. Lucky for us, taking care of family health is something Dr. Kyle Scarborough has been specializing in for over 25 years. At Family Life Medical, Dr. Scarborough and his team have been an active part in caring for the Conroe area community and its families by providing the complete spectrum of family health.

Being Part of a Community

Invited to join the Sadler Clinic, Dr. Scarborough moved to the Conroe area in 1993 and has been here ever since. 

His passion for the community is evident from his involvement in it. He is an active volunteer with the local elementary school, helping as a fundraiser host and doing a yearly reading of The Polar Express every Christmas for the kids there. “It started when my children were in elementary school, but they keep asking me to come back, so I still do it!” 

He also seeks to inform and educate the community with a weekly column in The Courier that he writes titled, “What’s Going Around,” where he focuses on current health topics. The column is featured every Wednesday in the paper, after which he provides a synopsis of it on the Family Life Medical Facebook page. 

Caring Staff Puts The ‘Family’ In Family Life Medical

“You can’t choose your family”, as the saying goes. But you can choose your staff! And the team at Family Life Medical are some of the best in the business. It is clear that staff interaction with patients is vital to Dr. Scarborough and is one of the things he takes the most pride in at his clinic. “The comments I get most from patients are about how they really like our staff.” The fact that most new patients come from word-of-mouth of satisfied current patients speaks volumes about the customer service the staff provides and the quality of care each patient receives. 

This family feel and personal approach to patient care is what sets Family Life Medical apart from the rest. “We really try to listen to people and take care of their needs as personally as we can as if they are a member of our own family.” At Family Life Medical, you are not just treated as a patient, but as a person and an individual.

Dr. Scarborough attributes part of his success to his partners in care.

‘We have three other providers in our clinic, to maintain accessibility for our patients. Lindsay Smith, PA-C, has been with the clinic since 2003, and has a loyal following of patients. Lauren Hollis, PA-C, has also been with the clinic for almost ten years, and likewise provides care for many devoted patients. Larissa Eisenmenger FNP-C is the newest addition to the staff, and has been providing patient care for the last four years. These ladies provide a high level of patient care with understanding and compassion, and they are vital partners in our practice.” 

In a review on their website in January, Wanda K. writes, “I was treated with care and concern as if they were treating their own family. They are the absolute best doctors I have ever found”.

Personalized Care for The Whole Family

While the general trend is for independent doctors to join larger groups, Dr. Scarborough set out to start his independent family practice because the kind of care and personal attention he wanted to provide for his patients just wouldn’t be possible at one of those multi-specialty clinics. Protocols and rules can get in the way of comprehensive patient care, and your ability to “be a doctor” is actually more limited than you might think.

Family Life Medial is a “true traditional family practice”. Dr. Scarborough says that their goal and what he emphasizes to his staff at every meeting they have is to “provide exceptional care and personal service for the entire family”. Instead of having to see a variety of specialists, Family Life Medical can address comprehensive care for an entire family unit of all ages. They are a “one-stop shop”, if you will, for family health.

The Importance of Preventative Care

Family Life Medical provides a wide range of medical care, from routine checkups and preventative care (such as physicals, vaccinations, and screenings) to more intensive medical management for ailments of a more serious nature (such as diabetes, hypertension, depression, cholesterol issues, and weight issues). 

The hero of a heart attack is usually the surgeon that fixes your heart. But Dr. Scarborough, a true champion for the vital importance of preventative care, posits that the true, unsung hero is the one who helps you keep your cholesterol down, thus avoiding ever having to encounter a heart attack in the first place.

He explains that if you are proactive about your preventative care, sometimes potential problems that you might think will never happen to you can be picked up by lab work, screenings, and an understanding of family history, and can be more successfully addressed early on. Preventative care likely saves hundreds of lives every year.

The Maze of Medical Care

These days, people are faced with a bewildering array of insurance requirements and options, health regulations, pricing of different medications, and a barrage of medical information and advice from questionable sources; and it is all very difficult to sift through on your own. “So, in a lot of ways I think you have to be a bit of an advocate for your patient to try to help them get through the maze of medical care,” says Dr. Scarborough. 

It is of utmost importance that your doctor goes above and beyond to understand your unique situation and help you get the care you need as efficiently and economically as possible. And that’s just what Dr. Scarborough and the team at Family Life Medical have been doing for over 25 years.

Coexisting With COVID

Dr. Scarborough confessed, “The pandemic has been a huge challenge for all of us – all doctors, all practices.” The challenge is to find ways to make a practice more accessible to patients, while still protecting both the patients and the employees.

In recent months, Family Life Medical has initiated a creative solution. When someone calls in with symptoms of a respiratory illness, they are scheduled at a specific time in the afternoon. The doctor will then put on protective gear and go see the patient entirely outside of the building and evaluate and screen the patient while still in their car. 

Overall, the feedback about this system has been universally positive, and Dr. Scarborough’s patients have appreciated that extra step being taken.

Another solution Family Life Medical is offering in these unique times is something called a “televisit”. It is essentially a regular visit to the clinic – but over the video on your phone or computer! This has especially proven to be a great help to seniors who have been in lockdown at their various nursing homes or assisted living facilities.

Family Life Medical is using technology to help its patients with the development of a website with a patient portal. A patient can make appointments online from the secure portal and has access to their health records and lab reports. 

Family Life Medical: Your New Favorite Skincare Routine

Another really exciting thing that’s been happening at Family Life Medical is that, due to demand, they have expanded their services to include a wide range of skincare procedures, such as facial rejuvenation, hormone pellet therapy, Dysport treatments, and even tattoo removal! They are getting really great feedback about their laser therapy and TempSure services for facial rejuvenation. And in the tattoo removal category, they are even being referred to by tattoo parlors to have an existing tattoo simply lightened so it can be covered by something else.

So if you decide to come out of your quarantine hiding in the next few months, make sure you stop by Family Life Medical so they can help give your skin the post-quarantine boost it no doubt needs and get it looking flawless for those upcoming skimpier summer outfits; because, let’s face it – Texas is HOT, and you’ll be showing some skin. Let Family Life Medical help give you the skin you are proud to show!

Contact Us

Learn more about Family Life Medical by visiting their website www.FamilyLifeMedical.com or call (936) 760-9900. The clinic is located at 508 Medical Center Boulevard, Suite 350, in Conroe, TX. They are open Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm; closed Saturday and Sunday. And don’t forget to check out Dr. Scarborough’s column in the Conroe Courier on Wednesdays, and the Family Life Medical Facebook page to stay connected.

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