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$1.3 billion generated by VA claims filed in FY 2019-2020

$1.3 billion generated by VA claims filed in FY 2019-2020

Texas Veteran Commission (TVC) Claims Benefits Advisors (CBAs) and Veteran County Service Officers across the state filed more than 870,480 claims on behalf of Texas veterans in Fiscal Year 2019-2020. This resulted in over $1.3 billion being paid to veterans.

Of the total number of claims filed, more than 838,750 were Compensation Claims, over 14,600 were Pension Claims, over 13,140 were Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC) Claims and nearly 4,000 were Survivors Pension Claims.

From the claims filed, economic impact made by claims category is as follows:

  • $1,327,485,936 in Disability Compensation
  • $14,937,381 in Veterans Pension
  • $18,783,783 in DIC
  • $2,976,147.00 in Survivors Pension

Montgomery County veterans, dependents & survivors received for 2019 in Compensation & Pension:

  • $174,085,000.00

This Claims revenue earned by veterans, benefits them and those around them, resulting in a positive economic impact to their communities.

For more information on VA & State Benefits contact Montgomery County Veterans Service at 936-539-7842 or via email at [email protected] and follows us on Facebook at Montgomery County Veterans Service.


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