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10 Fun Easter Activities to do with Your Family

10 Fun Easter Activities to do with Your Family

Easter is a time for renewal, relaxation, and giving thanks! What better way to spend the day than with family doing fun Easter activities together? While you may be limited with your options on seeing relatives because of Covid-19, that doesn’t mean you can’t make the day special for your family. In fact, you can make this one of the best Easters ever with the right amount of creativity and charm. Here are 10 fun Easter activities you can do this year with your family. 

  1. Hunt eggs
  2. Decorate eggs
  3. Bake sweets
  4. Play outdoor games
  5. Read some easter themed books or watch a movie
  6. Create easter art
  7. Play easter themed board games
  8. Have a socially distanced block party
  9. Review new year’s resolutions
  10. Watch the sunset go down and listen to some music

Hunt eggs!

A classic for any Easter get-together, hunting eggs is almost like a rite of passage. The best part? You can fill the eggs with whatever you want! Hide the eggs in your backyard, garage, house, and down the street for a real challenge. If you want to add a new twist to the game, plan a special hunt for an egg with a “grand prize” (of your choosing of course). Leave a trail of clues so the kids can track down the egg. You can even play this with adults!

Decorate eggs

Who doesn’t love painting and food? Combine these into one of the most fun Easter activities you can do with small children. You can decorate hard-boiled eggs and then eat them later with edible paints. Let their imagination out when you decorate some eggs this holiday season. Bonus points if you decorate the eggs to look like family members.

Bake sweets

Cooking brings people together almost more than anything else. This Easter, plan for some homemade sweets and traditional foods and get the kids involved. Bake some cookies or brownies and draw Easter bunnies on them. Plan several items to cook for the whole family to get to participate. If you want the best success with getting kids involved, ask them what they would like to make beforehand. Kids are more willing to get involved in the kitchen if they know they will love the results. Make your dining at home special this year!

Play outdoor games

As the winter months fade away, one of the fun Easter activities you and your kids can do is to get outside! There are multiple outdoor activities you can do as a whole family. Here are just a couple:

  • Burlap sack race
  • Egg toss
  • Spoon and race
  • Leapfrog
  • Relay races
  • And more!

Easter Sunday is the perfect time to get out and get moving. Turn on some music and make sure to take some photos!

Read some Easter-themed books or watch a movie

There are dozens of Easter-themed books for the religious and non-religious. Kids can also work on Easter-themed coloring books. Tired of reading? Don’t worry, you can catch a film on Netflix or any of the other streaming services based around Easter themes. The perfect time to watch a movie, however, is right after you’ve done your egg hunting. That way, you can snack on some candy while you enjoy the film! It’s one of the fun Easter activities that just about anyone can enjoy regardless of their age!

Create Easter art

Arts and crafts are always in style, and if you are stuck at home for Easter, then this is a great way to still make memories without leaving the house. Try painting easter bunnies or making paper eggs to decorate. Hang your completed Easter crafts on your refrigerator for all to see.

Play easter themed board games

Who doesn’t love a good board game? Not only do you get to show your intellect, but you get to crush family members while doing it. If that doesn’t scream family love, then I don’t know what does!

For real though, if you are the type of family looking for fun Easter activities and have an itch for playing Monopoly, then you should pick up an Easter-themed board game.

Have a socially distanced block party

Want to see your neighbors, but still remain socially distanced? That could be arranged if you schedule a block party. Have everyone sit in their front yards and bring some tunes to jam out to. You can have a “dance-off” between neighbors which each neighbor picking their own song to dance to. Just remember to stay six feet apart.

Review new year’s resolutions

Since Easter is a time for reflection, it’s a great time to look back on you and your family member’s New Year’s resolutions. You can go around in a circle and tell everyone whether or not you are on track. Talk about adjustments you plan to make, and whether you are keeping your resolutions going forward or changing them.

Watch the sunset go down and listen to some music

Last but not least, watching the sun go down with family members is a great way to unwind and relax from the day. Play some chill 70s and 80s tunes and you’ll be ready for the rest of the year. It’s the small moments of pause like these that can give life meaning.

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