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5 Reasons You Should Start a Podcast for Your Business

5 Reasons You Should Start a Podcast for Your Business

We’ve written extensively about how to start a podcast. However, you may be wondering if you should start a podcast for your business and how can it help you grow? In short, you should. Starting a podcast can help you network and grow your business in more ways than one. You don’t need to be an expert in audio equipment either to get started. Here are 5 reasons you should start a podcast for your business right now! 

  1. Help establish relationships
  2. Test out new products or ideas
  3. Grow your email list
  4. Content for your social media
  5. Build your website

Help establish relationships

Podcasts are personal formats and can be uniquely designed to help you connect with your listener. If you take only one facet from this article it should be this: you should start a podcast for your business because you can develop relationships with customers you never even meet.  Most businesses rely on personal relationships to thrive. Why not take advantage of one of the best platforms to do that on? Podcasting is you speaking directly to your listeners. If listeners find you trustworthy, they’ll keep coming back. Eventually, they may step into your business or buy a product you sell online. 

People also expect different things from their podcasts. Unlike with movies, television shows, or even YouTube, podcasts are long-form content that is meant to seem “unfiltered” or “off the cuff.” You don’t need to have a radio voice to host a podcast. You just need to provide quality content that is catered to your listeners. Companies can choose how rough or gentle around the edges they want to be.

Test out new products or ideas

Podcast listeners often have discretionary income to spend according to some reports. While we can’t know the exact specifics of every podcast listener, that doesn’t mean you can’t use listeners to your advantage. When you start a podcast for your business you can test out new ideas and products for your listeners. You can do this in a number of ways. 

  • Offer special deals for feedback
  • Offer exclusive items through your podcast
  • Launch a contest to promote a product or service

Much like testing ads on Google, your listeners can let you know exactly what they want when they give you feedback on a podcast. Starting a podcast for your business can be more than just making content. It can be a great way to find new avenues of revenue and nail down your target market.

Grow your email list

One of the most powerful tools you can build for your business is an email list. An email list will allow you to narrow down your most loyal customers. When you convert podcast listeners to your email list not only can you remind them of your podcast, but you can also remind them about your products and services. You can even use an email list to directly sell items. Again, it’s another way to bring customers into your ecosystem and be reminded of what you can do for them.

Content for your social media

Social media is extremely important for building a brand and interacting with customers.  However, it can sometimes be hard to come up with content for social media. That’s where you can use your podcast to your advantage! You can post your podcast on social media and repurpose clips of your podcast as posts. 

Think of using your podcast on social media as a primer for why people should follow you. Take some of the best moments from your podcast and clip them together. Tease interesting conversations or interesting guests. 

Here’s the great part, even if your podcast is just about explaining a certain subject, people love that type of content. When you start a podcast for your business think about what you will offer a potential listener. What can you bring to the table, whether it be knowledge or skills, that other people want? Podcasting can be super cheap. So with very little financial investment, you’re basically getting endless content to post on your social media where fans can interact with you.

Build your website

Lastly, if you start a podcast for your business, it can be great way to build your website. Not only will adding fresh content on your website help your rankings with Google, but you can also transcribe your podcasts. Meaning you can create long-form content for Google to analyze. In turn, Google will help you grow because it recognizes that you are uploading regular content and people find it valuable.

Pretty sweet right?

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