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Why Use Afterpay? Because It’s a Necessity!

Why Use Afterpay? Because It’s a Necessity!

When it comes to in-store shopping or online shopping we’ve often been in this scenario. You have to purchase some clothing for an event. You find the perfect shirt or pants only to see that the item is out of your price range. Usually, this is where you depart with the item and try to find something else in your price range. Or you may try to put the item on a credit card only to be slapped with fees and interest. Oftentimes, you don’t get what you really want and have to settle for less.

What if there was another way though? What if you didn’t have to sacrifice your credit score to purchase an item? Enter Afterpay. Your one-stop-shop solution for most of your needs. You may be asking, “Why use Afterpay?” The truth is that it will solve all your problems when it comes to these predicaments. Here are a couple of reasons why you should use Afterpay next time you go shopping.

  1. Buy Now
  2. Avoid interest fees
  3. Thousands of stores with offline options
  4. Help you manage your debt
  5. Shop specific business types

Buy Now

Afterpay is a payment option you can select at thousands of locations. What this does is break any purchase you make into 4 payments of equal value. Once you sign up it will automatically set up a payment plan based on the amount of money you spend. For example, let’s say you have a purchase of $100. Once you sign up for Afterpay, the software will automatically split your payment every 2 weeks, you can also change the date on which your monthly payment occurs to work better with your budget and pay cycle. There are no interest fees as long as you make your four payments, and you can be automatically approved upon check out. You can just focus on getting the items you need right now!

Avoid interest fees

Why use Afterpay? Because you don’t have to wait or go with a lesser option when shopping. Don’t make the mistake of using a credit card to purchase something when you know you won’t make the payments. Oftentimes, when people purchase items they can’t afford right away on credit cards they get caught up in debt cycles. Essentially, they are slapped with interest fees and either borrow more money or pay off the credit card debt only to borrow yet again. Paying high-interest fees and penalties can keep you from other financial goals like establishing an emergency fund or saving for a house. Use Afterpay to make sure you can always buy the items you want without facing a penalty or dinging your credit score.

Thousands of stores with offline options

Another reason why you should use Afterpay is that there are thousands of online stores to choose from! Unlike other payment systems that are dependent on a store credit card or layaway, Afterpay can be used in many different stores and across the world! From Australia to America you can use Afterpay to secure the items you need. 

You aren’t just limited to online shopping either! When you download the app, you can shop in stores and set up the Afterpay card. Show this card for contactless payment, and you’re ready to start rocking your new clothes or new devices!

Help you manage your debt

Why use Afterpay? You can keep yourself out of the wrong type of debt. You can still make purchases while staying within your budget. You also don’t have to worry about spending certain amounts of money to qualify for payments like you do with a store credit card. This is a great way to buy the items you want (when you want!), while still being able to pay your bills on time and save your money!

Shop specific business types

One of the little-known secrets that we love about the Afterpay website and app is finding local businesses with interesting stories. Their app and website often highlight minority-run businesses as well as those with interesting products and ideas. If you want to diversify your shopping and find exclusive items you can’t anywhere else, then you have to use Afterpay!
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