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Shedding Light on Bloomin’ Blinds of The Woodlands

Shedding Light on Bloomin’ Blinds of The Woodlands

Unless you live in an actual cave, window treatments are a part of your home, and, therefore, a part of your life. When well-kept, updated, and styled, they give that final finishing touch that takes the look of a room from messy to manicured. 

But window treatments are about more than just looks. They provide your home and family with extra privacy, protect your interiors from harsh glares and sun damage, and can significantly help reduce energy costs.

Whether your window blinds and shades need repairs, are due for an upgrade, or are ready for a complete design overhaul, you can trust the experts at Bloomin’ Blinds of The Woodlands to get the job done right. 

Family Values

Just like the windows they help cover, the father-son team Dave and Dallas Schultz at Bloomin’ Blinds of The Woodlands like to remain transparent in who they are and the way they do business. As professionals who work within a family’s home, they believe that integrity, trust, and the quality of their team members are just as important to customers as the quality of their products and job performance. 

Bloomin’ Blinds is a small family-owned business that incorporates good, old-fashioned “Texas family values and courtesies” into the way they treat their customers. As Dave says: 

“You will be treated as the intelligent individual that you are, with professionalism, and with complete honesty. You will not be pressured or coerced into buying anything. We believe that a happy customer will not only be our customer for life, but will also spread the word of our “Family Values” business better than any advertising ever would.

Customers are offered full explanations of all the options available and their expected differences. Unlike some of their competitors who will just hire an unknown sub-contractor, the team at Bloomin’ Blinds does all of the consultations, measuring, and installing themselves.  

With a 5-star Google review, one satisfied customer summed up the integrity of the customer service and work done by Bloomin’ Blinds by saying, “Bloomin’ Blinds did exceptional work installing our 15 blinds and 13 plantation shutters. High-quality product with stellar installation. Dallas is professional in all aspects of his work. Promises made were promises kept. Highly recommended.”

Texas Pride

Serving the greater Houston area up I-45 from Spring through Huntsville as one of the quickly growing franchises of the greater Bloomin’ Blinds corporate office in Carrolton, TX, Bloomin’ Blinds of The Woodlands is not only family-owned, but Texas-owned, operated, and manufactured. 

While cheaper products sold by home improvement stores and used by many competitor installers are manufactured in China, Bloomin’ Blinds has over 95% of the blinds, shades, and shutters they install manufactured right here in Texas by fellow Texans, helping to support our own economy. And because of the volume that these Texas manufacturers receive from all of the franchises combined, they can offer a far better product for about the same price.

Not only does Bloomin’ Blinds take pride in honoring our great State, they also take pride in honoring our great country and those who serve it. As a “Service Connected Disabled” Vietnam Era Veteran, Dave Schultz and his team understand the honor and sacrifice Military Veterans have made for their country, and therefore offer a veteran’s discount for those customers with a veteran’s stamp on their driver’s license. 

The Right Products at the Right Price, Right in Your Own Home

House Call!

The best place to select the perfect window covering for your home and budget is right in your own home! Only in your own home and on your own windows can samples be compared with the rest of your decor and can you truly see exactly how much outside light will be allowed through the fabrics you are interested in. Being present in your home also allows their experts to observe what challenges various window coverings might encounter and to suggest your best options.

That’s why Bloomin’ Blinds comes right to your home for a free consultation prepared with samples of the product you are interested in. While there, they will explain the features and benefits of the various options, precision-measure each window for the best fit, and leave you with a quote for a great price. 

The blinds, shades, and shutters are all custom manufactured for each window opening and professionally installed. Some of the products they sell and install include:

  • Stained-wood plantation shutters and arches in a huge choice of wood stains
  • White poly plantation shutters and arches with a variety of tilts and other options
  • Aluminum exterior plantation shutters
  • Wood and poly blinds in a variety of wood stains and colors, and a variety of lifts and tilts – including motorized 
  • Roman shades in a huge variety of fabrics
  • Honeycomb/cellular shades in a variety of cell types and lift options
  • Cloth and natural fiber roller shades – including fully automated
  • Vertical slat shades
  • Outdoor roller shades for patios, garages, cabanas, and balconies
  • Light guards to reduce the light from a side gap caused by less-than-square window openings

Repair it!

Unlike most of their competitors who will just try to sell you a more expensive replacement, Bloomin’ Blinds is proud to be one of the only companies in its community that also offer to repair most brands of blinds, shades, and shutters in your home, regardless of where it was purchased. After a few simple questions over the phone and a photo texted from you, they will be able to determine if your window covering was made to be repairable or disposable. And if it can be repaired, they’ll do it right there in your home!   

Let’s Talk About “Sales”

While some competitors will advertise “limited time only sales” and steep discounts, the truth is that there are only a couple of handfuls of manufacturers making all of the blinds, shades, and shutters available on the market, and all dealers and installers use these products. When companies offer these “sales”, usually what they have done is steeply mark up the original price to “discount” it back down. 

So, while Bloomin’ Blinds doesn’t have any of these less-honest “bogus sales”, they offer a consistently great price for the highest quality products, and without any insulting pressure. Dave, Dallas, and their team feel confident that their “everyone all of the time” price will beat their competitors’ “sale’s price”. 

Dave explains, “We believe the way we quote your home is the fair and honest way to conduct business. Honesty is a reward in itself.”


Although they install a lot of plantation shutters and blinds, the recent trend has customers replacing their traditional-style blinds and shutters with fully automated shades. These come in hundreds of fabric choices and a variety of light-filtering and privacy options. Automated shades can be operated by a remote, smartphone, voice activation from a smart speaker like ‘Alexa’, or timed on a schedule. 

Besides the convenience of not having to open and close so many shades manually, automated shades help to optimize the amount of sunshine let into your home at certain times of the day which halts the bleaching effects of the sun on wood floors and furniture, reduces energy consumption and costs, and provides extra security for your home as window coverings set to a schedule give the appearance of the home being occupied even when not. 

With spring and summer fast approaching, many customers are also wanting outdoor sunscreens installed for their patios, balconies, and garages. These are also available manual or automated. They virtually eliminate glare and pests, and create shade that can be up to 20 degrees cooler than that full Texas Summer sun and heat! 

Find Out for Yourself!

Ready to make a change and find out about optimizing your window coverings? Contact Bloomin’ Blinds of The Woodlands today to see how they can help! 

You can reach them at (936) 236-6800. Business hours are 8am – 8pm Monday through Friday, 9am to 1:30pm Saturday, and closed Sunday. More information can be found on their website at www.bloominblinds.com

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