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From Humble Beginnings to a Million Dollar Business

From Humble Beginnings to a Million Dollar Business

Texas Professional Surveying (TPS) may have started on a prayer but has grown to be a company with an exceptional reputation, and a willingness to do good across the world.

You wouldn’t know it by looking at their balance sheets, meeting their friendly staff, or working with them on a job site, that Texas Professional Surveying started on little more than a prayer and faith; but with Jerrod Harrell (CEO of Texas Professional Surveying) that’s exactly what happened. After losing his job in 2003 at the age of 25, Mr. Harrell was left with little money and more questions than answers about what the future may hold for him. Tired of the life he was living and wanting more, he decided he needed something better.

That’s when God showed up. 

After recently dedicating his life to the Lord, he called on Jesus to give him the answers to his next path in life. After talking with his wife and pastor, he felt that God was calling him to start his own surveying business. 

Starting with little money and a 900 square foot building, Mr. Harrel would wait by the phone relying on nothing more than his faith to see him through. It has been a journey, but one well worth taking as the results speak for themselves. Texas Professional Surveying has grown into a multi-million-dollar company with over 108 employees currently.

Looking back now Mr. Harrell can’t help but smile and point exactly to where his success has come from. “It was always God,” he says. “In 18 years, I have never missed one payroll, I have never missed one bill, and I have never missed a payment, and when I look back the truth is that I don’t know how that was possible except for God.” While there have been setbacks, such as the 2008 financial crisis, God has always seen TPS through to bigger and better things. Even during the pandemic, TPS launched Texas Professional Engineering (TPE for short) combining surveying and civil design under one roof. A bold and risky move. Now the company is doing more than ever before and making lasting changes not just to the Conroe community, but around the world.

Texas Professional Surveying is about more than surveying or even civil design. CEO Mr. Harrell and TPS are looking to make an impact, and offer more than ever before because God has given them so much.

Growing Bigger and Better

With the launch of Texas Professional Engineering, Mr. Harrell and the crew are doing something rare in the business of surveying and land development. They are combining services to keep everything in-house. No more scrambling between different companies and trying to vet different prospects: you can find everything you need with TPS and TPE. As Mr. Harrell pointed out, “Texas Professional Engineering was only birthed because of client demand. Clients don’t want to have to vet multiple companies, they want their engineering, planning, and surveying all in one house. We can do it all, we can take your project from surveying land to civil engineering where we design your streets and underground utilities.” 

They aren’t stopping there, though. As Mr. Harrell pointed out, “We’re about to build a new 10,000 sq. ft. facility behind our current storefront. We are remodeling our original building as well, making it more modern and giving customers more value when they step into our facilities.”

From the ground up TPS is getting better, building new facilities, adding better software, and projecting their team to reach over 140 employees by the end of this year. How is this possible? God first and foremost, and the incredible environment cultivated by Mr. Harrell and crew. “We work hand in hand all under one roof, you don’t have to deal with the blame game. You can expect the same high quality across the board.” 

When you step into their facility, you may be greeted by the office manager, Candy Curlee, who has been with TPS for 17 years and has been a foundational member of the company, going above and beyond to help clients and co-workers alike to make sure a job gets done. You may talk with Christian Diaz, project manager, who works tirelessly to see every job done right, on time, and with integrity. There are also members of the company such as COO Carey Johnson who works endlessly to make sure all functions run smoothly who’s bio on LinkedIn reads “Please do not contact regarding other job opportunities. I am beyond happy at my current place of employment. Thank you for the consideration.” How many people do you know that love their job that much?

These are the type of people and attitudes that you will interact with when you work with TPS or TPE. People who are not only excited to come to work to serve you, but have the experience and knowledge to get any job done. This wouldn’t be possible without creating a culture that treats employees like family. As Mr. Harrell puts it, “We all get along. This is a family atmosphere, and I don’t ever want to get to a point where we lose that. Life is too short not to be there for your family and your loved ones. When customers walk in they need someone who is happy and healthy, they can’t receive that unless we create a culture that allows our employees to be there for their families.”

With an A+ rating with BBB, Texas Professional Surveying, and Texas Professional Engineering wants customers to know that they can handle any job a client may throw at them. From boundary disputes to subdivision development, they can tackle it and are looking to do more! As Brandon Jackson wrote on Google Reviews:

“As a former employee, I can honestly say that this company was the best experience I’ve had. The work is very professional. Unlike a lot of companies; employee or client, you are treated like family. The management is easy to talk to and understanding, co-workers are all great to be around, I genuinely looked forward to going to work each day. I highly recommend this company to anyone!”

Your Dollar Does More

Although Jerrod Harrell is a local boy who grew up in Conroe, even graduating from Conroe High School, his company isn’t just focused on blessing the local community. Mr. Harrell also has been running a nonprofit organization, Vertical Harvest 21, for nearly a decade now. This charity work has touched the lives of thousands of people around the globe. “A lot of the revenue that TPS makes goes into a Non-Profit I started around 8 years ago. We build churches, classrooms for kids, deliver food to the needy, and more in South America,” notes Mr. Harrell. 

Every time you spend money with TPS or TPE, there is a large likelihood that money will then be used to further the love that God has shown TPS and crew.  “We have fed and clothed people all around the world due to Vertical Harvest 21, our main focus is in South America. We’ve spent millions in Venezuela building shelters, giving to the poor, and trying to make a big impact in the community.”

For Mr. Harrell, this is about doing something bigger than himself, and putting his money where his mouth is when it comes to his faith.

If you’re looking for a company that can do all of your surveying and engineering needs, treats their employees right, and gives back to communities local and abroad, there’s only one place you need to call! If you want to learn more about Texas Professional Surveying or Texas Professional Engineering you can reach them at their website at https://www.surveyingtexas.com/. You can also reach them by phone at (936) 756-7447. Both companies are located in the same building at 3032 N Frazier St, Conroe, TX 77303. Doors are open Monday through Friday 8 am-5 pm. 

If you want to find out more about Vertical Harvest 21, check them out by searching them on Facebook. They regularly update their page with information regarding local donations and ongoing charity efforts.

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